What is Your Business Missing out on in App Marketing?

What is Your Business Missing out on in App Marketing?

According to the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of Americans now own smartphones. Out of this number, close to 29 percent report using mobile apps on a daily basis to carry out everyday tasks like paying bills or shopping. With the number of mobile app subscribers predicted to top close to seven billion people worldwide by the end of 2016, it is safe to today’s business owners would be fools by not staking their claim in the mobile app market now. So the question is “What is Your Business Missing out on in App Marketing?” If you fail to seize this golden opportunity presented today, your business could be missing out on these lucrative benefits.

Increased Visibility for Your Business
Fewer people are buying newspapers, subscribing to magazines, or even reading email solicitations from up and coming businesses. New businesses today gain the most visibility among their targeted audiences when they launch mobile apps. Mobile apps help your business reach more people than ever and create the visibility you need to establish permanency in this unique, but competitive market. As more people review and use your app, you can expect your visibility to increase exponentially in a relatively short period of time.

Brand Recognition
Along with increasing your visibility, you also encourage brand recognition among your targeted audience with an app developed for your business. They will come to know and recognize your brands above others because they have access to your business at the touch of their fingertips. Customers will enjoy convenient shopping, account setup, bill paying services, and more if you make an app more accessible.

Direct Marketing Channel
A mobile app will open up a direct channel between you and your customers. They will be able to set up personalized accounts, see your inventory, view specials and sales, and communicate with you instantly with their smartphones. You avoid having to mail out fliers, send emails, or use other communication methods to reach your audience. It’s a streamlined approach to marketing and connecting with consumers daily.

Customer Loyalty
Anyonewill tell you loyalty is key to the backbone of your business revenue. Mobile apps foster customer loyalty to your company if they are developed and updated right. People who download apps often do so because they want their favorite companies to be available to them anytime, day or night. With a mobile app, you can gain the loyalty you need from your customers to sustain and grow your company. It might be wise to get more educated with an online bachelors of business administration so you can see the new marketing techniques being developed in the technological world. Apps and other programs are being refined all the time to increase customer loyalty and build businesses.

Mobile app marketing offers lucrative advantages. You can seize these opportunities today by creating a mobile app for your business. The key to success with them is regular upkeep and updates. Your app has to stay ahead of the game and be specific to you.


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Tips for Giving Your App a Push on Social Media

Creating an app that goes viral is one of the highest achievements any app designer can get. A viral app is one internet users snatch up as quickly as possible. They talk about it on social media, encourage their friends to download it, and get it attention on and offline. Software and app developers in Utah realize having an app go viral is more powerful than any paid advertising could ever be. People won’t necessarily trust developers or the ads that clutter up their computer screen, but do trust their friends when they say a particular app is worth looking at. The following are some ways to make your app go viral on social media.

Make it Easy to Use
The best applications are so easy to use, the user does not notice the design. A good design will have a natural flow and be quickly accessed which allows users to immerse themselves in the experience, without being distracted by the mechanics of making the app work. A good app, especially if it is a game will get the user totally lost in it.
Your app must be obstacle free and allow users to sign into social media with one click, share the app with their friends on the very first screen, and prioritize the action that is on the screen. It should be simple for users to share information on multiple social media platforms, and post on multiple websites with just one touch. The simplicity of use will encourage more sharing.

Reward Users for Sharing
When we are rewarded for an action, we are likely to repeat it, and this trick is proven on everyone from dogs to little kids. Develop your app to giveusers a gift, be it additional storage space, points that can be used to buy expensive items within the app, or access to exclusive content in return for inviting others to use the app.
In addition to rewarding the user, reward the friend who accepts it. This creates a win-win situation where both the giver and the receiver are happy they have downloaded your app.

Be Upfront with Your Users
Protecting a person’s privacy and creating an app that goes viral are on two opposite ends of the development spectrum. Transparency is key. Your app should let users know what they are sharing, and it should let them control what they want to share, and what they do not want to share. Remind users that your app will not automatically post to their social media accounts, and that it will not pester their friends to download it. Provide secure and simple agreements that can be signed at the click of a button.

When an app goes viral, it takes on a life of its own. But like any life form, it needs to be continually fed if it is going to keep living. Give your users a reason to keep using it and keep that momentum going.


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Finding Good mobile app development companies in Los Angeles

A tiny pool of experienced and reliable mobile app development companies in Los Angeles makes it next to impossible for a common web surfer to find a suitable app development company. Finding an app developer in Los Angeles with an ability and willingness to work on complex projects within the constraints of time and budget can be achieved by following these simple steps. After having served the mobile app development industry in LA for the last several years, here at VezTek USA we have identified some of the best practices that help ensure successful mobility projects.

The App Idea

Among all the questions that we receive, 6 out of 10 messages start with “I Have an Idea for a Killer App”. So, the first step is to think about what you want to develop. Working on refining your idea, even before searching for a mobile app developer, is important. Some areas that might need attention are,

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  • App Description
  • Core Function of the App
  • How it will make money (monetization)
  • Type of App
  • Maximum budget


Due Diligence

After identifying the opportunities and strengths of your idea, do a quick research on internet. Several unrelated research studies indicate that companies with high search results on major search engines are not always as good for the quality or delivery of their service. We recommend short listing about five vendors after searching mobile app development companies in Los Angeles with different search terms. The next step is to search for online client reviews for these shortlisted companies, to see what does their former clients and the industry say about them. Try to review their previous work; look closely, or directly ask, for examples of similar projects if available.

The Engagement

The next step is to make the first contact with the short listed companies. An important distinction to be made in phase is between the transactional vendors and the ones looking to develop longer term relationships by providing top notch service. Cost, while is a crucial consideration, should never be the primary decisive criterion.
Once you have identified the best app development company in Los Angeles, the next step is to draw a comprehensive legal agreement encompassing ownership, price & Payment method, and future promotion and updating.
We hope the road map laid out in this article helps you find the best app development company in Los Angeles. Please feel free to ask questions or add in the comments sections any advice you might have for the fellow app inventors. If you believe you have an amazing app idea but don’t know where to begin, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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Best platform for business mobile app development

The importance of dedicated consumer focused mobile applications has grown rapidly over the last five years. Hundreds of new apps are added in different app stores on daily basis as small, medium & large enterprises continue to expand their investments into mobile app development. Given the rise of demand for mobile app developers, and ever increasing numbers of self-proclaimed experts, you are certainly not the only one who is facing difficulty in finding the right app Development Company in Los Angeles and beyond for your dedicated business mobile app. Building a top notch mobile application requires significant investments in both time and money. A dedicated business mobile app can increase brand awareness, client engagement & revenue. Which platform is best for your business app is the one of the first questions that came to your mind when you started thinking about developing an app. iOS and Android are unarguably leading the pack. Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia OS also have claim over some of the market share – especially if you are planning to target app users beyond the US boarders.
The platform selection is best made with consideration of the target audience. iOS & Android provide the largest impact in terms of ROI if your business operates in the B2C products and services. However, if you target market is B2B or corporate you may want to look into Blackberry OS as well. Until few years ago different OS versions of an app needed to be developed from scratch – that means prohibitive time and cost requirements to get an app on devices running different mobile operating systems. Cross platform tools have effectively addressed this hurdle by enabling the developers to write their code in one codebase for multiple mobile operating system.
Here is your quick introduction to two of the leading cross platform mobile app development tools.


PhoneGap is an FOSS environment that lets developers write app code for all major devices including Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry Etc. With the use of standard web development languages – HTML and JavaScript – this tool saves time as well as money. It also helps developer in working with devices’ onboard hardware features. Additionally, it offers online guidance for developers in accessing native APIs etc. Above all, it’s an open source platform, and its standard subscription is entirely free. While Apple generally frowns upon apps that are built in third-party tools, PhoneGap however is still in Apple’s good graces.


Appcelerator offers Titanium Development Platform that supports major web languages such as HTML, Ruby on Rails,Java, PHP, Python and many more. With more than one thousand local apps per month and trouble-free approach to over three hundred APIs & location details, customizable metrics for actions & events made this platform a good solution. Appcelerator also stores app data on cloud as well as on device.

Most often developers use several cross-platform tools for business mobile app development. As one of the experienced mobile app development companies in Los Angeles VezTek USA observed that one in five mobile app developers in LA use more than one cross platform tools while building a mobile application. If you are a DIY business entrepreneur and found this article helpful, please comment below with your feedback on it.

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Steps for Creating a More Secure Financial App

More and more consumers are relying on their smart devices to shop, browse the Web, and even take care of their banking. And as apps become more a part of everyday life, many financial institutions take advantage of these convenient devices. Financial apps should have the highest levels of security and protection. To make sure yours is ahead of the game, use these tips to stay secure and safe.
User Identity
Many financial app developers make the mistake of using bank accounts or card numbers to establish their users’ identities. Every time the user log in or checks their account balance, this sensitive data is sent over the Internet. While there are standard secure ways of minimizing the risks, using confidential data for identification is very unwise. Even worse, this same data may be stored on the user’s device making it prone to hacks. Financial apps should use complex numerical combinations to identify a user’s account.

Device Identity
Most smart devices collect a disturbing amount of information about the user’s identity from their SIM card. For example, many phones store messages, browsing history, the model number, and the mobile equipment identifier (MEID). Additional security steps should be taken to confirm the device identity. For example, when the user accesses the financial app, the Web service should request validation through the device’s internal credentials list. Certificates are an excellent way to encrypt connections and identifications, such as the standard Internet SSL certification for online financial transactions. A device signature is one of the best ways to prevent hacking and fraudulent activities.

SSL Encryption
When shopping, all online consumers expect to see the highly recognizable padlock icon in their web browser. This applies to shopping for home products, or even a home loan in Austin or mortgage. SSL certificates are tiny data files that digitally secure the transaction details through cryptography. SSL certificates create secure connections between a web server and browser. All your financial app data should sent through SSL encrypted communication. Keep in mind that the SSL certificate should be a 256-bit encryption strength.

Secret Codes
Technology users must remember dozens of different passwords to access everything from websites to their own mobile phone. As a result, many mobile device users will turn off the passcode access to their financial app because they feel safe with having their device secured with a PIN. However, the financial app should be built to restrict this function. Users should be gently prompted to re-enable the passcode security features. In addition to this, financial apps should require users to enter their passcode a second time before any major transaction. While this may slightly slow down the process, it will prevent major problems from occurring.

Online consumers will continue to utilize financial apps to take care of personal banking. However, financial apps must be made secure through property identification, security and encryption. Use these tips to make sure yours is keeping up with the competition.


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