Apps against Drunk Driving

Five Apps that Are Aiming to Prevent Drunk Driving

While we often think of technology as something that contributes to collisions on the road, there are many new advancements that are helping to keep drivers safe. When it comes to drunk driving, technology is aiming to further decrease potentially fatal mistakes. With a host of apps either out or in production to deter drunks from getting behind the wheel, we may very well see a drop in drunk driving collisions and fatalities.


Funded by the state of Maryland and its police officials, ENDUI, or End DUI, is a toolkit designed to prevent drunk driving. Amongst features that include reporting drunk drivers, getting in touch with designated drivers, and calling a cab, the system can determine your blood alcohol level based on what you’ve had to drink through the course of the night. It is a free app that can be downloaded through Google Play and iTunes.


Yet another Google Play and iTunes app, Breathometer comes to us from the developer of the same name. It works by turning your phone into a breathalyzer to determine if you’re sober enough to drive in addition to giving you an estimate of how long it will take to get back to a BAC of zero. Other features include a way to contact a cab and nearby places to stay the night.


BACtrack by KHN Solutions is a Google Play and iTunes app available for download free of charge. Like Breathometer, its entire purpose is built around transforming your smartphone into a portable breathalyzer. Initially, that’s all it did, but subsequent patches have added push notifications and taxi support.

Last Call

Made by Avvo, Last Call is a free app only available through iTunes. To use, you simply enter in how much you’ve been drinking since the festivities started. It uses that to then calculate your blood alcohol level. Because Avvo is a legal company, there is even a tab that lists DUI lawyers in your area as a reminder that getting behind the wheel drunk is the last thing you want to do.


Another state project, R-U-Buzzed is a Colorado app partnered with local taxi services to minimize drinking and driving. Like Last Call, it calculates your BAC based on the timeline and drinks you have entered. If you’re anything but sober, it will inform you to call a cab. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Though the mobile apps can’t physically stop a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel, they provide helpful tools for prevention. Hopefully, we will see a drop in the number of drunk drivers, accidents, and fatalities as a result of these apps. The information for this article was provided by Rod Gregory, a DUI lawyer in Edmonton.  To discuss your app, against drunk driving, contact VezTek USA a mobile app development company in Los Angeles. Please leave your comments below, we love to hear from our valued readers.

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