How a Business Mobile App Can Help in Enterprise Work Management

In the highly competitive business environment that exists in America today, any advantage is a prudent investment. With technology improving every day, more often than not those advantages are determined by how quick companies are to accept change and incorporate new tech into their world. One example of this is that more and more companies are developing their own mobile apps, and those that aren’t are beginning to feel the heat

Sharing information over potentially millions of smartphones can benefit your marketing, sales, and productivity immediately. The right app can not only improve your branding and your bottom line, but can also increase customer satisfaction just by existing. For modern businesses, the mobile app is becoming less of a luxury, and more of a necessity. Here are some ways that a custom mobile app can streamline your operations.

More Effective Sales

In the US, more than 64 percent of adults use smartphones. This means that 64 percent of the population could potentially become customers of a mobile app – which is much better odds than what you’ll get by spending money sending out individual mailers. One of the advantages of mobile technology is that they let consumers access the internet and research products and prices from wherever they happen to be. Many people have a commute to work and take public transportation. Having a mobile app can turn the average person’s commute into time they can spend shopping for your products.

If you provide your customers with an app that gives quick access to the latest information on your products and services, they’ll be more likely to think of your company, use your app, and make repeat purchases from you. Additionally, push notifications let you send them special offers as soon as their available. Instead of waiting for your customers to check their mail or email, you can essentially text them directly and tell them to check it out. This gives you a distinct advantage over all the unfamiliar companies scrambling for customers online.

Managing Workflow

Better communication contributes to more knowledge, more accurate decisions, and less wasted time and effort. Customer-facing apps can also ease pressures on your customer service, marketing, and sales teams. Access to schedules, files, and digital tools can improve the output and reliability of field teams such as sales agents, job estimators, or service technicians. It helps managers coordinate more easily with home-based or remote employees. Using mobile technology in the office helps to streamline efforts and improve results.

User Experience

Due to the wide availability of high-quality mobile apps, most users today are pretty picky about which apps they choose to use. With this in mind, it’s important to acquire the right design skills to produce the best app for your needs. Good designs have to provide ease of use, speed, availability of additional features or upgrades, and visual appeal. If your app isn’t consistently engaging, intuitive, and providing real benefit, it will get removed.

Today’s apps should also be responsive, or able to adjust to a variety of devices and screen sizes. This way images, data tables, and plain text will be readable no matter who’s viewing them. Consider taking a crash course from someone like Color Grading Central to make sure you’re up to the task before you begin designing your app.

Better Communication

When thinking of developing a business app, most people think of creating one for the customers. What many don’t consider is the potential benefits to creating an app to be used by your employees as well. Inefficient communication sucks up far more of your company’s time than most business owners realize. Wasted time listening to voicemails, reading and writing long emails, and repeating yourself in multiple small in-person meetings adds up quickly. Most of your employees, however, keep their mobile devices close at hand.

An app that centralizes and manages texts and emails across multiple devices can ensure that everyone is in sync at all times, even after hours or on weekends. By including access to file sharing services, reports can be produced, tasks assigned, data updated, and approvals given whether you’re at your desk or on vacation. It’s essentially like having a virtual office right in the pockets of your team members. Connecting the mobile app to apps on your computer workstations is a simple process and can even further increase the efficiency this would provide you.

Whether your app is used internally, for marketing, or both is up to you. No matter what its purpose, your new mobile app should be something that people will want to use.

What Makes for a More Successful Business App?

If you open up your smartphone and check out the app store, you’ll find hundreds of apps to buy, download, and install. It’s become a norm of today’s society to check one’s phone for anything and everything under the sun, whether it’s ordering a pizza or asking for directions to get from point A to point B. As a business owner, the importance of having your own app cannot be overemphasized. But before you start hiring developers and looking into app creation, you should know what to look for in a successful business app. Here are four ideas to make the process easier.

Easy to Navigate

Consumers prefer to use and stick with apps that have an easy navigation system. They don’t want tabs and pages covering the screen and branching with new sub-tabs and sub-pages. A clean and minimalistic app looks less overwhelming and is more user-friendly to consumers. Have your interface divided into two or three areas – the header, the navigation panel, and the footer. Invest in crafting a user interface that even toddlers can understand and use.

Don’t get a one and done mobile solution from just anywhere. Be sure it’s something you can customize and update as needed. This way you can be sure your products are viewable, look good, and don’t feel out of place. You also have more control to size and refit screens to a mobile layout. Be sure you update as need so the app matches the website, coupons, and other features your customers might come to expect. This way you get a mobile version of your site that doesn’t match or that looks outdated in comparison. This is also where having a third party manage your mobile can come in handy, as they can keep up to date while you manage the products or overall website design.

Looks and Feels Official

An app that looks official and not a rip-off page of your brand is bound to attract downloads. Take doTERRA’s app as an example. The brand is active in social media and uses their content as a technique to boost the app’s value. They use real information and tidbits about doTERRA products to make it an interactive experience. Strive to make your app’s interface look and feel professional by using a solid combination of colors and background images. Make sure your app looks like your other brand material and has a very visible, professional look and feel to it. This way you can keep your brand attracting new customers, and keep things uniform across your outlets.

Solves a Problem

Your app needs to havespecific and necessary features that can get tasks done. Identify a problem that your customers will have, and then solve it by adding the necessary elements and features. For instance, add a shopping cart feature and a way for customers to input discount codes before checkout. Without a way for your customers to input those codes and get their discounts, they’ll most likely stick with your business’ webpage or, worse, go to a competitor. Be sure to add on any things you already incorporate into your online sales or even in-store sales. Uniformity here can keep your customers happy, rather than annoyed each check out process is different.

Isn’t Buggy

While no app or software program is completely free of bugs, you should invest in a good developer team and tools to build and design an application that runs with minimal errors. Aim to keep your app online and running as much as possible. If your app is going offline for repairs and maintenance frequently, it can lead to a drop in user downloads. Be sure you have it assessed every month for bugs or hacks and correct problems as they arise. Having your company in charge of IT problems like these will keep you in charge of your app.

A successful business app isn’t born overnight. Take the time to build a clear idea of what your business app should look like and do, and then consult experts to help you turn that idea into a good product. Be sure to use these tips and more as you get started and don’t forget to listen to valuable advice from the experts. Making apps isn’t as easy as it may seem. Really customizing and putting out a good product your customers use is all about keeping on top of what you have and updating as your store does.


Make Your Mark In Mobile: 3 Key Aspects Of A Successful App

As the landscape of digital content continues to evolve, apps will undoubtedly remain the mainstream mode of communication between electronic devices. Apps work because they are mobile code that is easily deployed to a vast number of people in a short amount of time. As electronic device storage capacity increases, the ability to download and utilize more apps from a single device will cement app development by default mode of the future of the ever advancing digital evolution. Consequently, app developers should continue to see major growth in their sector of the digital marketplace. With an endless sea of new apps coming out, app developers will have to up their game to compete with other players in the app development arena. This means app developers will have to determine which aspects of app development are critical for making their apps successful. Here are three such aspects to focus on as you plan your next app development project.

Quick Development

When it comes to developing apps, time is of the essence. The faster you can get from the initial idea phase of the project to the finished product, ensuring clean code along the way, the better. For this reason, it is best to consider working with a web and app development team, like Digital Creative Agency, that can help ensure that your project is coded correctly and finished in a timely fashion. Trying to do this all on your own is a real mistake. If anything goes wrong, it helps to have a team of developers with real world app development experience to help you overcome any problems you may face along the way. This way the burden of fixing mistakes with your app development project does not fall solely on your shoulders: slowing you down even more from bringing the finished product to market. Remember, if you have an app project idea, it is likely the case that ten other app developers have the same idea. It truly is a race to see who will get their idea to the public first and take all the glory for doing so.

Keeping App Users Around

According toInc, an app that does not engage and retain users ends up being both a waste of time and a costly marketing endeavor. From on-boarding new users to keeping them using your app, you must make sure that your app is not simply a hyped product. Rather, it must be oriented around a concept people get immediately, see the value in having from their first use and there must be fabulous customer support to ensure a high retention volume complementing your app development efforts. If any of these key strategies are missing, then your app will die fast in the marketplace; consequently, user retention is truly everything in the app development market, because it identifies the true duration of the longevity your app will have with its users.

Integrated User Experience

Where UX development is a key aspect to any app development project, making sure the UX considerations behind your app design forces some degree of integration into the users daily routine is a must. If an app does not demonstrate itself as a part of a user’s daily routine, then such an app becomes relegated secondary in importance to those apps that the user depends on to play a significant role throughout their daily routine. Remember, successful apps become part of a user’s lifestyle, not merely something they might access when they are bored. The more integrated the user experience tends to be and the more of a positive impact that app has on the user’s daily routine, the more the user will be hooked on needing your app to actually complete their daily routine.

With more than a million apps competing for user acceptance, a new app hitting the marketplace must truly have something to offer users to become a major player in the app arena. Such an app must also be able to keep users engaged for the long term with a high volume of retention to be considered genuinely successful. It is only when an app completes, in some satisfactory way, a key part of a user’s daily routine that such an app has truly found its way into the hearts and minds of its users. When your app can boast such a lofty achievement, then you will know your app has reached the benchmark of true success.

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