5 Innovative Apps Helping Workers In Different Fields Across The Country

Technology has made the life of quite a few disciplines simpler during their day-to-day routine. There are a plethora of free and paid apps available for the three major platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. Professions such as teachers, journalists, drivers, civil engineers, and salespeople are beneficiaries of app innovation in classrooms or on the road. Here is a review with a few app suggestions.

School Apps for Teachers

The classroom is the breeding ground for the S.T.E.M. revolution. Educators are on the front line with apps that take attendance followed by transferring the information to the office. Progress reports are no longer a cumbersome task with mounds of paperwork. Instead, the same app will track and measures grades and test scores. The data is then populated into standardized forms that parents can receive electronically or via mail. Scholarship works seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices.

Language Apps for Journalists

News stories happen anywhere in the world so journalists need flexibility to discuss the details with all the key players. Language translation apps are becoming the virtual linguist for journalist chasing breaking news. The options will have as many as 90 languages with features that sound out dialects so engaging with subjects is possible. Android and iOS platforms have solutions including Google Translate or iTranslate that can be upgraded when needed.

Project Management Apps for Civil Engineers

Graduating with a ms civil engineering translates to more responsibility. Top projects are accessible, but a helping hand will ensure expectations are met. It is no longer necessary to carry awkward blueprints and schematics to every work site. A virtual assistant that can produce whiteboards in the field is an ideal resource for these busy professionals. Trello is an iOS and Android life-saver with the capacity to create and share real-time information with team members. They can also comment and offer feedback regardless of their location.

Video Chat Apps for Sales

To provide an estimate or have contracts signed requires the sales team to be in the field. Impromptu meetings and questions from customers or vendors can easily receive face-to-face responses with the assistance of innovation. Video chatting is quickly taking several industries by storm including real estate and manufacturing. Fring is an app that allows up to four different stakeholders to join the conversation simultaneously.

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