5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help Cosmetic Surgeons Grow Their Business

Technology is driving revolution in all spheres of life and healthcare field is no exception. Ubiquity of internet connected smartphones has been driving patients and healthcare providers alike to the web and mobile applications when searching for information on healthcare products and services.

Smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, RMD (remote monitoring devices), and cloud technology can rewrite the script of your healthcare marketing efforts and help achieve your revenue goals. These are few success stories of cosmetic surgeons who gainfully employed custom mobile applications to acquire scores of new patients.

  • The cosmetic surgery mobile app of Dr. Philip Miller (New York) was downloaded over 50,000 times from the Android store alone.
  • Hair Restoration & Plastic Surgery patients downloaded the mobile app of Dr. Jeffery Epstein (Florida) over 10,000 times.
  • Individuals interested in Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery produced an estimated 7,000 installs of an iPhone app by Dr. Paul Nassif (California).

The ongoing rapid growth of healthcare focused mobile applications has been observed by numerous well recognized market research, many of whom specialize in mobile health, and healthcare marketing. Cosmetic Surgery practices must bank on the latest in mobile apps technology to gain a competitive edge in their market place.

Why Cosmetic Surgeons Need A Mobile App?

Patient-facing [highlight dark=”no”]mobile apps for cosmetic surgery practices[/highlight] serve two primary goals;

  • Generate new revenue by finding and acquiringfirst-time patients
  • Get repeat and referral business by staying connected with existing patients

These goals are achieved by providing value to potential or existing patients through timely and relevant information. Here are few examples of what patients might find useful,

  • Cosmetic Surgery Simulator that helps answer the common question, “How will I look after the surgery”. Users can manipulate their images to view likely change in their appearance after the procedure.
  • Before and after comparison photos
  • Surgeon profile, and brand message
  • Service information including how to contact, business hours, staff and location information
  • Cosmetic surgery tips, educational material, text and videos
  • Important checklists for before and after surgery
  • Procedure costs and projected recovery times.
  • Special Promotions

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Please continue reading to learn five of the many ways mobile apps can help cosmetic surgeons grow their businesses.

Enhance Brand Awareness:

Mobile apps are a great way to increase brand visibility in web searches. Cosmetic surgery practices can improve their brands’ visibility by employing techniques such as App Store Optimization (ASO) and be part of the 4 million downloads club (healthcare downloads).


High visibility is a factor governed by careful optimization techniques that are based on well researched search terms (or keywords). A well researched set of keywords and their variations can help marketers increase the odds for their mobile app reaching the top lists of Google Play and Apple App Stores. In addition, cosmetic surgeons can convey a perception of credibility and success through a compelling app design, download counts, and customer reviews for the application and the cosmetic surgeon.

A 360-Degree Marketing Plan:

Most healthcare practices already have a website, are running some email campaigns, and few of them also write blogs – a well designed healthcare mobile app not only fits well in this mix, but also tie these activities together. The beauty of mobile apps is that they can easily be integrated in existing marketing campaign and work wonders.


A mobile-integrated marketing plan helps boost healthcare marketing efforts two ways.

  • You can include, in all your email campaigns, the web links that lead to your app’s download page.
  • On the other hand, you can also provide users with the option to access your marketing content, blogs and product pages, directly on their smartphones using your mobile apps.

This method has been proven effective in getting users to frequently read brand defining newsletters, e-books, articles and case studies; that can result in converting curious app users into paying clients over time.

Help in List Building:

According to a recent survey of 1,000 businesses, email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing channel. Surveyed companies attributed an average of 23% of total sales to this single channel, and these results are hardly isolated. The question then isn’t: “Should I build an email list?”, but rather: “How can I build my list as quickly as possible?” Cosmetic surgeons can employ a well designed mobile app for this purpose. Once you have the quality data on potential customers, you can easily and quickly get your brand message to your target audience. As they say, “marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”.


So, how do healthcare mobile apps help in data collection?

Mobile apps can provide essential information about a subscriber and their usage pattern. Subscribers can be convinced through mobile surveys and inApp messaging to share their contact details and other relevant data to be used in future marketing campaigns.

Assist in Effective Targeting:


Assist in Effective Targeting

Hyper localized inApp marketing campaigns enable healthcare marketers narrowly target user-groups as needed. Cosmetic surgeons can use inApp messaging and calls to action to effectively target their intended audience and boost revenues. Features like these should be discussed with developers before hiring someone for iOS or [highlight dark=”no”]android app development in Los Angeles[/highlight].

Personalized Brand Messaging:

Effective personalization of a brand message is the key to success in modern healthcare marketing.

As noted earlier, mobile apps enable data-driven marketing and help personalize communication to ensure that marketing and brand message effectively address the preferences and needs of your customer persona (a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers).

Your app’s user interface, content, size, shape, and other elements are designed and crafted in the context of the needs, taste, and preferences of your target persona. Therefore, the likelihood of the success of a healthcare marketing campaign soars when potential customers receive marketing content that appears to have been specifically crafted for them.

“Before adding an app to their marketing mix, cosmetic surgery practices must ensure that the app fits well with their brand message and overall marketing strategy.” Says Sani Abdul-Jabbar, the managing director of VezTek USA, a healthcare mobile apps development and consulting agency in Los Angeles.

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