$99 Mobile App Hosting, Monitoring, and Maintenance Support.​

With VezTek, you can maintain your mobile app with fast, reliable and round-the-clock support services including enhancing your app features or fixing bugs, keeping the app up-to-date and ensuring it runs fast and without any glitches.

Key Benefits of VezTek's App Support Services

INCREASED UPTIME | Ensure constant connectivity for mobile app and your customers.

QUICK RESPONSE | Receive a rapid response designed for first-contact resolution for most support requests.

COST EFFICIENCY | Enjoy substantial savings over the cost of an in-house app support team.

Take your pick!

99 + Tax

APP MONITORING & SUPPORT | The VezTek app support team uses sophisticated A.I. based mobile app monitoring tools to track and ensure proper functioning of both web and mobile applications, so we can identify problems and come up with solutions – quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. With every VezTek solution, you gain access to resources and experts that ensure you make the most of mobile.

499 + Tax

APPLICATION MANAGEMENT | includes management, maintenance and overtime advancements of your app. The service helps make your app more competitive & up-to-date by focusing on various key areas, including app enhancement and bug fixing. In hosted environments, VezTek comes to you. We monitor production environments around the clock to detect issues and alerts, solving problems proactively before they reach your users.

999 + Tax

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT | The performance of your app is measured by its speed, reliability and robustness all of which translates into active user engagement. We ensure you app is performing the best it can; and your users receive support when and where they need it.


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