10 Best Practices for Building Billion Dollar Blockchain Startups

Best practices for

building billion dollar blockchain startups

For the semi-technical founders

THIS IS FOR YOU, If you are starting up or scaling a


Blockchain offers significant benefits from increased security; reduced transaction times that drastically cut costs and reduce errors; traceability so you know where your products come from or go without paperwork—to name just a few things Blockchain has been proven capable of achieving.
The Blockchain industry is still in its nascent stage and has room for many new entrants. The open-source nature of the technology is challenging a system that largely favors industry giants.

Many Blockchain startups are working on bringing mainstream adoption to the newly minted industries such as cryptocurrency, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Smart Contracts and more.
Our Blockchain product managers have compiled the best practices outlined in these pages with semi-technical founders in mind; and is inspired by some of our most successful startups clients from recent years!

1. Persistence Will Payoff

Starting a Blockchain startup may seem like it’s too hard at times because the competition is so tough and there are tons of projects that look similar to one another; however, when all has settled out, only those who persist will have survived.
Blockchain is an exciting technology that can be applied to a variety of industries, but it’s important not to get overwhelmed with hype. 

Within the next few years we’ll see only high-quality projects survive and there will be chances for them to grow into tremendously successful ventures. Though there are many ways Blockchain can help your business, it’s equally important to consider some of the disadvantages of Blockchain technology when deciding if it’s right for your company.

2. Explore Open-source Resources

The Blockchain environment is a complicated one, and it’s important to understand why so many businesses in the space end up throwing in the towel.
Blockchain technology is a key piece of the digital landscape and its open source nature should be exploited to ensure that your project funds are not stretched too thin.

You Don’t Need to Be a Blockchain Expert to Start a Blockchain Company!

3. Hack-proof Your Project

Even audited smart contracts have been exploited recently, and there is a high chance we will see more of such breaks. There are many ways that your token could be exploited if you rely too much on the incentives of DeFi yield farming or liquidity mining, so make sure to take necessary precautions to hack-proof your token. Otherwise, the sudden, deep losses and chaos may cost you the trust of your users, as well as the value of any tokens left for development purposes.

Privacy and data ownership will drive consumer decisions this year and beyond

4. Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Even audited smart contracts have been exploited recently, and there is a high chance we will see more of such breaks. There are many ways that your token could be exploited if you rely too much on the incentives of DeFi yield farming or liquidity mining, so make sure to take necessary precautions to hack-proof your token. Otherwise, the sudden, deep losses and chaos may cost you the trust of your users, as well as the value of any tokens left for development purposes.

Make sure you do your research before investing in any token or startup as there have been many cases where these projects get shut down by authorities when trying to break into traditional financial systems such as securities law violations.

5. Examine Your Funding Options Carefully

IEOs (Initial Exchange Offering) are a new way to raise funds in the blockchain industry. It’s a great opportunity for startups that need funding. IEOs allow Blockchain startups access to an influx of capital without needing go through the arduous process of setting up their own ICO! Of course, you will want to capitalize on this trend as quickly as possible before interest dies down.

Using an IEO offers many advantages. The Exchange provides professional due diligence and guarantees project quality as its own reputation is at stake. You can enjoy a community of crypto enthusiasts who already understand Blockchain projects. An exchange wallet will offer your contributors more confidence in investing with you, while participants worry less about sending funds to the wrong address or personal wallets being hacked – peace of mind all around!

6. Generate Revenue From The Outset

Even in your alpha stage, you should be generating revenue. You don’t have to have a perfect product to start with. The first step is levying minor fees on platform users so that as soon as the money starts trickling, it can keep moving forward at a reasonable pace and not get lost because of lack of funds this early on!
At the same time, loyal users will contribute ideas and suggestions to improve your product. You will need to make a compromise between accumulating massive revenue and attracting new users. Your startup is more likely to succeed if you have more users – large initial revenue doesn’t guarantee continued success.

Blockchain, the underlying social encryption technology behind cryptocurrency, is applicable to any and all industries.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Overheads

As a startup, you should reduce overheads as much as possible. Spending on a spacious and luxurious office is not necessary- many startups feel they need to do this but it increases overhead costs which prevents them from reaching other revenue producing objectives.

As the decentralized economy continues to see strong progress with startups, it’s important for companies to embrace this. It has been shown that remote workers and freelancers can be more efficient than traditional employees in a workplace setting.

8. Crypto Economics

Crypto startups often face a tough challenge convincing users that they’re here to stay. We advise new startup founders to think hard about their token economics, incentives and potential activity.

Afterward, they should focus on building up their user base through an intuitive product with well-thought out features that are focused around the needs of the end customer or investor.
You don’t need to be an expert in the technology itself. But understanding emerging consumer needs, privacy, ownership of data, will help you predict where and how to position your Blockchain startup to get funding or find customers.

9. Adopt A Multiple Token Business Ecosystem

Blockchain adoption is close, but not there yet. If you want to use your token as the only way for users to access resources on your platform it could be a poor business decision. This may push them away and affect how much revenue you can generate in the future
By using MTBE (Multiple Token Business Ecosystem), you are looking at an all-inclusive blend of both Fiat and cryptocurrency. A blended approach allows your startup to be open to the whole world while also being able to take advantage of highly liquid cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as our platform’s native currency – which means accessibility for everyone!

Software applications that you develop and use across the Blockchain are known as “Distributed Applications” or DAPPS.

10. Why Businesses Shouldn't Use Blockchain

There are many ways blockchain can help your business, but it is important to consider the disadvantages of Blockchain technology before deciding if it’s right for you. 

Here are some examples:

  • There may be a better solution for sharing information among multiple parties, such as a secure database or a software as a service application
  • Everything about your business will need to be engineered to support a Blockchain application, as it’s a different approach to software development and usage
  • Distributed applications on the Blockchain are still in an early, nascent stage, so it may be hard to get buy-in from all parties to use these applications
  • Due to the fact that every computer on a Blockchain has to verify every transaction, Blockchain applications can be slower than other software
  • Developing a Blockchain application can be costly, as there are not a huge number of skilled Blockchain developers at present

The key to launching a successful Blockchain startup is sticking to all you already know about launching a startup: deliver value to solve a real problem.

In the Blockchain ecosystem, the main challenge is to

Integrate Cryptographic Algorithms & Experiences into Traditional Apps

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If so, let’s discuss how we can revolutionize your startup or scaleup venture with Blockchain-backed solutions.

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Mobile App Development: 5 Ways to Get into the Industry

Mobile application development is one of the most popular software categories precisely because it is relatively easy to get started. While it might seem the compatibility and cost issues are significant, the truth is there are many ways to build mobile apps that don’t necessarily require specialized equipment, software or even intricate programming knowledge. Here are a few ways you can get started learning how to build mobile device applications.
Prototyping and Rapid Development
Tools like Adobe’s Comp CC make it possible for designers and digital artists to produce working mockups of a mobile application interface in a fraction of the time it would normally take to hand-code the same functionality. Like the Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for desktops, these utilities make it possible to produce a structure that can be enhanced with strategically placed functions for maximum capability with minimal technical risk.
One of the best kept secrets of the mobile development world is the fact Adobe’s Flash IDE can export fully functional applications to mobile devices with exactly the same capability as the desktop equivalent. This can be an enormous advantage, since the Flash IDE is leaps and bounds ahead of most other tools in its category
Java and Formal Training
The language of choice in most academic institutions is Java. It combines relatively simple syntax with a well understood object model that is fairly straightforward for beginners. Java does require study and most developers will find at least a year of experience vital to their ability to be productive and reliable. Students who pursue a degree like a masters of computer science online, can learn Java and immediately apply it to app development because Java is the native language for the Android mobile operating system.
Another well-kept secret in mobile device development is the fact that with certain basic technologies, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript can be used to produce fully-functional applications for nearly any mobile device from phones to tablets. The major advantage of languages like these is the fact they are quick prototype platforms that can be tested on any device with a browser. This is often the base technology for app developers when they are just starting out.
Parallel Experience
Developing for mobile devices is not all that different from development for desktop PCs. The ability of a developer to work confidently on the PC will be of great use when developing for mobile devices. This is a skill that should be developed. While mobile devices can be a fast-moving technology and present a number of challenges, they do offer some interesting alternatives to the stationary computer and its heavier, more established and more powerful applications.

Five Exciting Technologies Coming to Your Local University

Technology, progress, and education tend to go hand in hand and 2016 will be set to be an interesting year in new technologies made for education. These emerging technologies are already progressing students in unimaginable ways. Below are the top five new technologies you can expect on university campuses and how they are doing more for your academic career.

Wearable Technology
Wearables will soon push students and educators to create many amazing things they could only dream of a few years ago. Wearables will help students with fitness and school notifications, they will also assist in student engagement. Soon, with wearables, students will be able to interact more with different lectures in engineering and design. Educators will also be able to monitor, track, and communicate with students much more efficiently. Overall, wearables will push collaboration to new heights.

Fully Connected Classrooms
We are already experiencing smart homes and cars, but soon we will have smarter classrooms. Every piece of classroom technology will soon be able to be connected to internet enabled devices. Classrooms will soon be experiencing things like Gesture control devices which will allow educators to collect more data on students and ultimately creating a more dynamic environment.


Mobile apps are doing more in universities than many might have predicted they would. Students and professors alike are working with these new applications to get better education and new chance in the classroom. SoundNote, for example, records audio for students to listen to lectures and go over verbal notes. ShareYourBoard is an android app that allows users to photograph a whiteboard and store the data for fast notes as well. Exam prep apps like BenchPrep and TCY Exam Prep are able to network students with fellow users who are supplied with notes, quizzes and more.

Interactive Robots

As technology keeps growing smarter, educators and researchers will use them as aides to work. Researchers will be able to use supercomputers to help with massive data collection and analysis and educators will use them to help students with disabilities. Even getting a degree in health information management requires being educated in the latest analytics and data information collection technologies. We have already seen robotic instruments revolutionize the special education field such as helping withdrawn ASD students.

3-D Printing

3-D printing is still a fairly new technology and will continue to amaze. However, it already has begun to change education environments. Students now don’t only get to see a picture of a specific thing, but also get to actually use and interact with the item in question. With the ability to create, students will create new ideas and be able to work in their field faster.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the best technology to not only engage educators and students, but to help immerse students into any situation. Imagine students experimenting with different career prospects, or students being explained complex lessons in a new world that will help them see, feel, and experience it, rather than just reading about it.

These are the top five exciting technologies coming to your local university. Get ready to experience an educational movement towards the future where students and educators will create, wear, engage, and immerse themselves into new educational frontiers we could only dream about. Students should be ready for technology in and out of the classroom.


5 Innovative Apps Helping Workers In Different Fields Across The Country

Technology has made the life of quite a few disciplines simpler during their day-to-day routine. There are a plethora of free and paid apps available for the three major platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. Professions such as teachers, journalists, drivers, civil engineers, and salespeople are beneficiaries of app innovation in classrooms or on the road. Here is a review with a few app suggestions.

School Apps for Teachers

The classroom is the breeding ground for the S.T.E.M. revolution. Educators are on the front line with apps that take attendance followed by transferring the information to the office. Progress reports are no longer a cumbersome task with mounds of paperwork. Instead, the same app will track and measures grades and test scores. The data is then populated into standardized forms that parents can receive electronically or via mail. Scholarship works seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices.

Language Apps for Journalists

News stories happen anywhere in the world so journalists need flexibility to discuss the details with all the key players. Language translation apps are becoming the virtual linguist for journalist chasing breaking news. The options will have as many as 90 languages with features that sound out dialects so engaging with subjects is possible. Android and iOS platforms have solutions including Google Translate or iTranslate that can be upgraded when needed.

Project Management Apps for Civil Engineers

Graduating with a ms civil engineering translates to more responsibility. Top projects are accessible, but a helping hand will ensure expectations are met. It is no longer necessary to carry awkward blueprints and schematics to every work site. A virtual assistant that can produce whiteboards in the field is an ideal resource for these busy professionals. Trello is an iOS and Android life-saver with the capacity to create and share real-time information with team members. They can also comment and offer feedback regardless of their location.

Video Chat Apps for Sales

To provide an estimate or have contracts signed requires the sales team to be in the field. Impromptu meetings and questions from customers or vendors can easily receive face-to-face responses with the assistance of innovation. Video chatting is quickly taking several industries by storm including real estate and manufacturing. Fring is an app that allows up to four different stakeholders to join the conversation simultaneously.

Startup Marketing Ideas

Out of the Box Startup Marketing Ideas

Running a company on a shoestring budget makes some people think they should play by the book and hope for the best. Well, the truth is, belt tightening and unimaginative philosophy will not get you very far. Think in terms of bold moves, daring initiatives and unconventional business strategies. They can help you spread brand awareness, connect with the customers on an emotional level, create a sharable content, and increase your exposure to the public. This seems like a way which shows much more promise, does it not?

Going viral

Out-of-the-box and guerilla marketing tactics are a great way to jumpstart marketing activities. According to research, they boost the sales by 30%, while considerably cutting down the marketing budget. This is a win-win business scenario, especially for startups looking to get their operations off the ground. Many turn to campaigns that spark attention on social media and produce content with the viral potential. Infographics, for example, suit the shortened attention spans and visual cravings of modem consumers, easily stealing the online show. Now, focusing on the immense power of the internet is fine, but do not neglect the other, “real world” opportunities.

The stage is set

Today, customers are bored and overwhelmed with content fatigue. They are bombarded from all sides by generic ads and aggressive visuals. Unless the ad is original, they will likely hate it. What they want is something new and exciting. Hence, companies that manage to create a fresh consumer experience are leading the way on the market. You will hear a lot about the importance of finding out where your audience is.  But, have you ever considered going so far as to put an ad in a bathroom of a bar where your potential customers spend time? The whole world is the stage, whether it is a prime digital real estate in the form of social media, or bare walls of the urban jungle.

The great outdoors

So, why not contact local street artists to turn dull, gray surfaces into vivid displays of your business philosophy and company’s values? Here, you are dwelling in the area of guerilla marketing, which most often manages to spark the attention of the wider audience. Daily mail is just one of the companies that had much success with outdoor ads. Those who want to explore the enthralling three-dimensional marketing further should think in terms of installations. Namely, Proctor & Gamble put a giant green comb on tangled phone lines to prompt people to switch to Rejoice Conditioners. This shows that the surrounding environment is teeming with opportunities, so get you creative juices flowing.

On a personal note

Personalized products are in the spotlight lately, as they stand out from the piles of uniformed items.  Master the art of turning mundane, everyday item into something unique that customers will rush to get their hands on. Startups can offer some of them as rewards for customer loyalty and as incentives to spur engagement. Think about giving away some custom USBs, office supplies, T-shirts, gift cards, etc. Also, remember the “Share a Coke” campaign that the famous company launched in June. It swapped the all-famous label with 250 different names, resulting in increased sales and public exposure. This is something startups must use as a fuel for the exhausting business race ahead.

Rise and shine

To achieve success in an unfavorable economic climate, think beyond billboards and ads. Follow avant-garde ideas and stay on top of social trends. This goes a long way toward building lasting relationships with the consumer.  Deploy your guerilla squads, arm yourself with peculiar strategies, and present messages in a fun and exciting way. Seek alternatives to existing methods, and beat the competition in the creative department. There is no better way for startups to rise above their disadvantaged position on the market and stay ahead of the pack.

A ‘Not-Com’ Era Is Coming

Most experts will advise you to choose “.com” domain name for your company’s website. This is the oldest domain extension and the largest and the most popular TLD. Its original purpose was to mark commercial web addresses, and single them out from networking (‘.net’), educational (‘.edu’), and organizational (‘.org’) ones. Due to ‘.com’ domain extension’s popularity entrepreneurs often have problems with finding an available domain name, that’s suitable for their company’s business. In this article we will determine major difficulties when choosing ‘.com’ domains and try to find the best available alternatives entrepreneurs can use instead.

Why domain name is important

On the web, domain name represents both address and company’s name, and therefore it is one of the most useful and practical branding tools. Companies with unattractive domain names which are hard to type or remember, can’t use various digital marketing benefits. They also need to put much more time, effort and money into search engine optimization in order to become visible in search engine results.

Consequences of ‘.com’s popularity

This is still the most popular domain abbreviation, but since all companies, organizations and individuals tend to buy it, it is very hard to find an available domain name. This also means that new businesses first needs to check domain availability and then to choose the appropriate company name. Both company and domain name are very powerful branding tools and figuring out the right combination that will represent your business venture in the right way can be quite tricky. Many entrepreneurs tend to add more words to their domain name, so they make it more unique. In most cases this is not advisable because then their name becomes much harder to type and remember, which means they can lose many potential customers.

Are ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ good alternatives?

These are not exactly the best alternatives, especially if registered ‘.com’ domain with the same name already exists. Since most people assume that adding ‘.com’ to a company name is the right way to find company’s website, they will usually end up on ‘.com’ domain website. In most cases rival companies tend to have the similar names, this means that if your rival already has a website with ‘.com’ domain, choosing ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ extension might send potential customers directly at their door. This can hurt your business and your website’s Google ranking.

What about country-code TLPs?

These domains should be used for country-specific businesses. They come with country extension at the end and are usually provided by national domain registry. Some of these domains are: ‘.us’, ‘co.uk’, ‘.ru’, ‘com.de’. These domain extensions are good for both conversion and SEO, but only in specific country, the domain extension refers to. Knowing that business is run by local company gives buyers more confidence. On the other hand these extensions are hard to customize, and certain variations like ‘.com.au’, tend to be too long for most company names.

New top level domains and benefits they bring

For more than two years ICANN have been launching new TLD extensions. These can be used for customizing company’s domain name, and many entrepreneurs switch to these generic domain extensions in the lack of appropriate ‘.com’s. ICANN launches few dozen new domain extensions per month, and the full list of those can be found on their website. This ICANN move will diversify domain name choosing and enable small business owners to avoid paying thousands of dollars to domain name resellers. These generic domain can often be used for creating interesting and fun syntaxes that explain company’s niche or motto. Some of the most useful extensions from this group are: .me domain, .today domains and .store domains which came out few days ago. Great customization opportunities made generic domains very popular. One of the biggest move which supported their popularization was the choice Google-founded alphabet took, with registering Abc.xyz domain name.

With assigning your company with the right name you will cut future promotion costs and make your branding strategies much more effective. Since this is such an important thing for determining company’s future success, entrepreneurs need to approach this task with utmost dedication. They should choose the domain name that is creative and easy to brand and that can be easily used on social networks.

How Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age is Changing

How Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age is Changing

The internet has proven to be a powerful tool for aiding in free speech and the digital age has made it possible for political activists to discuss different ideologies and concepts with a wider audience than ever before. Recent events, like the Arab Spring and the NSA wiretapping scandal, have highlighted the ways that digital resources are impacting free speech. Learning more about these trends can provide a valuable glimpse into new developments that may be just around the corner.

Collaboration Through Social Media
Social media sites and services serve as a mouth piece for those who would otherwise lack a global presence entirely. Flash-mobs, organized protests, and political dissent in regions where freedom of speech is far from assured have made quite an impact in recent years. Several noteworthy events that gained worldwide attention would have gone unnoticed if not for the social media outlets that were essential for generating the right audience.


Using Apps to Start a Discussion

More businesses than ever before are turning to apps to increase marketability, sales, and customer interactions. The way custom apps are built now use a platform where customers can talk to, interact with, and review businesses or companies they like to see more of. Apps made for reviews especially have come in handy. It’s a place where people speak their mind, discuss a business or products and recommend it to others. Creating a whole new world of business.

Security and Privacy
Recent revelations regarding issues of online and digital privacy are still making waves. Government sponsored wiretapping programs, massive digital surveillance, and even less organized efforts are fast becoming a major issue. Balancing privacy and security concerns against freedom of expression continues to be a turbulent issue, one that has attracted vocal proponents on both sides of the issue.

Free Speech and Education
A free and open exchange of ideas through a digital medium has had quite an impact on the world of education. From online courses covering a range of topics, to debates regarding the nature of free speech and law seminars like Talks on Law that can be viewed online, the digital age is changing both the way we communicate and educate each other. Free speech and new technology that make it easier to connect and share ideas have the potential to cause even more changes within the world of education.

Future Trends
The rapid pace of technological advancement can make predicting future trends a difficult undertaking. New innovation, greater access to conventional technologies and new communications resources have the potential to create significant changes in the days to come. Digital technology has made it possible for people to communicate with greater ease than ever before, and future trends that embrace the value of free and open expression may foster greater changes than can be imagined right now. Understanding how technology has changed and shaped the way we communicate could provide valuable insight into what changes and exciting new trends the future may bring.


Internet Marketing The Best Things You Can Do To Get Your Business Noticed

Internet Marketing: The Best Things You Can Do To Get Your Business Noticed

Businesses of all sizes benefit greatly from online marketing, which includes everything from e-mail newsletters and blogging to social media. Here are a few ways that your business can harness Internet marketing for the most benefit.


Website Development

To start, it’s important that you have a visually-appealing website that has unique content, is search engine friendly, and easy to navigate. Without the right keywords and content, customers may not be able to find you online very easily. You should also be linking your social media pages to your website.



Blogging is one of the best ways to make a difference with Internet marketing for your business. By offering your customers and readers useful content, you’ll set yourself up as an expert in your field. Plus, regular posting to your blog will increase SEO, leading to a higher ranked website in search results.


Social Media Marketing

It’s important that your business is utilizing all social media options that suits their business. Typically, Facebook and Twitter are a good place to start. Depending on your business, you may want to consider other things like Pinterest or Instagram. You can use these to create engaging content, connect with your customers, and promote ads. It can be tricky to figure out which social media platforms are right for your business. Be sure to get the help of professionals like those at to find the best social media marketing strategy for your business.


E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is still one of the most effective Internet marketing tools today. However, you should cross-promote your campaigns on your other social media platforms, as well as your blog and website. Without cross-promotion, you’ll have a hard time growing your mailing list. In order for e-mail marketing to continue to be successful, you have to regularly add to the list of people you reach.


Google AdWords Campaign

Google has two excellent ways to help you market your business. You can choose to display search network ads so that when someone searches for your type of business online, your ad will appear in the results. You can also opt for display ads. With this type of advertising, you choose the types of websites that your ad is displayed on. For example, a restaurant supply company may want to display their ads on a food blog.


Going Mobile

It’s important to remember that all of your internet marketing should be able to translate onto phones too. Since many people search the internet on their mobile devices, everything about your website and social media channels should be mobile-friendly. By developing mobile apps, your business can reach a different set of customers and showcase your services or products. You can also improve customer engagement and stand out from local competition.


Thanks to new methods of advertising, there are seemingly endless ways to market your business and connect with your audience. These tips can help you get the online visibility you need for success.


Informational credit to Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions.

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