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We Build Digital Products For Tomorrow’s Technologies Today!


VezTek is a team of emerging technologists who synthesize business ideas into next generation digital products and services for major global corporations.


We spot emerging technologies like Blockchain; assess their viability and build digital products to serve their audiences. We’ve done this for FinTech; Healthcare; Entertainment; Banking and e-commerce. Today, the thrust is developing Blockchain products, and we have our eye on the Metaverse.

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    The Next Big Thing is always on our radar – our proprietary process spots those years ahead of their tipping point

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    Speed to Scale

    Our developers catalyze concepts into capital to speed market scale and uptake. We can make your idea into the Next Big Thing

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    Emergence Convergence

    We match emerging technologies with the talent required to deliver – to go from idea to first dollar earned.

Developing The Next Big Thing….

Emerging technologies are all around us.  Spotting a winner (or a potential winner) is the first test.  The second is where VezTek comes in – understanding potential applications and developing market-ready products on top of these emerging technologies.  We provide the required talent and skills along with the actual developers and teams to create and release new products connected to these new technologies.

Future Foresight Formula

Our proprietary methodology for identifying the tipping point with any “next big thing” is baked into our business model. It comprises the following steps:

  • Awareness

    What’s in the labs; the Think Tanks? What is being developed TODAY (e.g. Blockchain >a decade ago)

  • Relevance

    How does this connect to the market? What are its applications? Is it ready for “Prime Time” or is it forever in the wings? (flying car?) Does it provide value?

  • Size

    Market size determination – if the value is viable, how far can this grow?

  • Requirements

    What skills are required to deliver and sustain this technology into the market?

  • Evolution

    Define where we “grow” post launch

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