CES 2016 – The Awestruck Moments

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest gathering of techy geeks or more simply put all those crazies out there who thrive on the consumer technology’s business. With the ever evolving evolution of technology, the show provides interested individuals, customers, businessmen with the latest trends and innovations in this ever-emerging market. This time CES provided a great deal of influx from the world of virtual reality, smart televisions, smart cars and much more.

But, just as always, there were a few items that were just extra-ordinarily, some might say, weird but definitely awe-inspiring for the rest. Let’s take a quick look at what these items were:


Smart cars, auto-cars, hybrid cars, you name it! The CES 2016 was more of an auto show. There were a few disappointments as well but nevertheless the collection of highly anticipated automobiles were also displayed at the show. Chevy’s all-electric bolt managed to get quite a lot of attention from customers. Not to forget the electric microbus concept introduced by Volkswagen which generated quite the hype as well. Screens dominated the interiors of multiple cars this time around with Audi’s new system making the top of the list. Apple’s CarPlay made quite the appearance with its wireless technology.


Another out of the ordinary innovation showcased at the CES this year the autonomous single-passenger taxi by EHang, a Chinese company. The vehicle is supposed to be pilotless and may hit the market sometime soon in the near future. Again, just as with other crazy technologies, this one is heavy on the cost side as well. The company claims to commercialize their production of this taxi in the next 3 months or so but all they need is the FAA control approval. Let’s see how that works for them then and till then let’s hang on to our dreams of flying around from one marketplace to another.

Television Screens

UHD Screens, Samsung bent screen concept, Backlight Master Drive tech by Sony and many other similar to the previous year’s concepts were introduced so far as television screens are concerned. The one highly improved on concept was the displays that were made to look much brighter and clearer this year around. Picture quality improved by multifold as well. Other than that, noticeable improvements had been made in designs by most brands, one example being LG whereby it brought about a super thin version of its OLED set.


However, one odd aspect of this television screens display was that some of them were showing off the back of their television screens rather than the displays or the front. Why would anyone, any consumer at home, be interested in the back of their television screen at all?

Virtual Reality

Oculus, HTC and Valve introduced their virtual reality headsets which are extremely pricey to begin with so forget affording one right now, you’re not going to be able to afford one for years to come. However, with the game of virtual reality finally going strong, businesses can begin to invest in this sector to capture great money from the market. On the end of gaming, we saw Sony Playstation’s Vegas tech bonanza, the bids for which will begin soon in 2016.



Huawei, as is being observed, since the past year has been capturing the market for smartphones and did it again at this show as well. The Huawei team managed to capture the attention at the press conference as well by delivering excellent speeches. Not just that but their introduction to the audience about Huawei Mate 8, gold matte Nexus 6P, Huawei GX8 and new luxurious versions of their watch. Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic smartwatch was introduced in two different colors.


DJ Turntables

Direct drive and high-torque platters are often demanded by DJs to create mixes that would create jaw-dropping mixes. This time at the CES, the most anticipated Technics 1200 was introduced by the Panasonic team who claimed to have revived the turntable. Some key improvements include better spinning at improved speed. This limited edition of the Grand Class SL-1200GAE will be available this summer that will run in 1200 units only. However, the only advantage of owning a “premium” version of the plate is that it adds a unique serial number plate and of course that it will be available early. But, that’s just it. It’s better to wait for the other versions


Hover boards

Another interesting highlight at the CES 2016 was all the drama that occurred at the hover board counter when a Chinese manufacturing hover board company’s marketing team was raided by two US federal marshals. They say it was all about some issue with “infringement” rights etc. but we’ll have to wait for any further news to come out regarding this matter as hover boards have been the latest trend in the market for quite a few months now.


These were all the interesting and not-so-interesting news from the dangerously techy CES event this year and with that everyone bid farewell to this year’s largest tech event. Let’s see what 2017’s CES will have to offer.

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