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[icon icon=”publish” color=”blue” size=”large”  icon_solid=”no”][/icon]Innovative Healthcare Digital Marketing Solutions

Healthcare marketing entails reaching out to new potentials clients as well as keeping the existing patients engaged. VezTek helps cosmetic surgery practices grow their business with innovative healthcare marketing solutions.

We provide HIPPA-compliant healthcare mobile apps development and related services for top cosmetic surgeons and practices across the US.

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    [icon icon=”screen” color=”blue” size=”large” icon_solid=”no”][/icon] Mobile Optimized Web Design

    Our healthcare digital marketing experts create websites that are optimized for desktops as well as for Smartphone screens for all mobile devices. A responsive Medical Website for your Cosmetic Surgery practice helps build patient trust. VezTek USA is an A+ rated firm by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and a AAA rated firm by the BCA.

    [icon icon=”users” color=”blue” size=”large” icon_solid=”no”][/icon] Healthcare Marketing

    Our healthcare marketing solutions visually communicate your unique message, and help create a unique patient experience, that will set you apart from your competition.

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    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing
    • PPC Advertising
    • Digital Strategy Consulting



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    [icon icon=”mobile” color=”blue” size=”large” icon_solid=”no”][/icon] Healthcare App Development

    Our seasoned mobile apps developers build HIPAA-compliant, cutting edge, and secure mobile applications and online portals for patients and providers of healthcare services. Our proprietary 6 step Solution Development Life Cycle reduces time-to-market by 50% for most projects.

    [icon icon=”user-add” color=”blue” size=”large” icon_solid=”no”][/icon] Why Us

    We strive to be the leading provider of web and mobile applications development and marketing services for cosmetic surgeons. Ask us about,

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    • HIPAA Compliant Solutions
    • FDA Guidelines Compliant
    • #1 Medical Marketing Program
    • Google Partner




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    [price_column title=”Responsive Web Development”][price_amount]$3,500[/price_amount][price_desc]Mobile Optimized & Responsive[/price_desc][price_desc]Custom Website Design[/price_desc][price_desc]Unlimited Pages & Content[/price_desc][price_footer][/price_footer][/price_column]

    [price_column title=”Healthcare Mobile App”][price_amount]$7,000[/price_amount][price_desc]Increase Patient Conversion[/price_desc][price_desc]1 Month Free Web Marketing[/price_desc][price_desc]iPhone Or Android[/price_desc][price_footer][/price_footer][/price_column]

    [price_column type=”featured” title=”Website + Mobile App”][price_amount]$9,500[/price_amount][price_desc]Combine the power of web and mobile applications to engage cosmetic surgery patients[/price_desc][price_desc][/price_desc][price_desc]3 months FREE Web Marketing[/price_desc][price_footer][/price_footer][/price_column]