how much does it cost to make an app

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How much does it cost to make an iPhone, iPad, or Android application! The answer to this question requires at least some understanding of the complexity and extent of the new app.

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    Ever increasing demand for mobile apps development, and a very low barrier to entry into the app development world, allows developers to compete for application development projects regardless of experience or skill level. A recent industry survey, to determine how much does it cost to make an app, revealed that mobile app development cost ranges from $15 (offshore developers) to $250 per hour. So, the real question becomes how much risk you are willing to absorb.
    The average cost to build an app ranges widely because a wide range of factors impact the required effort and therefore cost to develop an app. Los Angeles mobile app developers at VezTek USA work closely with our clients to document scope of work and establish baseline for minimum viable product (mvp) from the start: this approach ensure accurate project costing and time line estimates.

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    [accordion title=”Consumer App Development Cost” is_open=”no”]The cost of app development for the most basic consumer applications ranges between $4K and $6K. The cost of consumer apps with medium complexity averages around $21K. High complexity apps with extensive Cloud-based backend infrastructure would cost between $30K and $50K. The starting cost of mobile games and Gamified apps is around $20K.[/accordion]
    [accordion title=”Enterprise App Development Cost” is_open=”no”]Inherent complexity of Enterprise mobile apps makes them more expensive to develop than their consumer counterparts. Respondents of a 2014 Survey spent $50K to over $1MM to develop and deploy enterprise apps. The average cost of mobile app development in this category falls around $270,000.[/accordion][accordion title=”What to Budget for App Operating Cost?” is_open=”no”]An app developed today will need to be updated in the future to include new features or business processes; to support OS upgrades or additional mobile platforms – or even as a marketing tactic. Over 80% of our clients update their apps at least twice a year. The ongoing costs include app store fees, Cloud hosting, and maintenance & support.[/accordion][accordion title=”How Much Will MY App Cost?” is_open=”no”]Our experienced mobile app developers in Los Angeles provide preliminary cost estimate after a brief initial consultation: more accurate project costing calls for a detailed discussion on scope of work. We assist our clients in SRS (software requirements specification) documentation that provides the basis for an exact time and price quote for each project. [highlight dark=”no”]Contact us[/highlight] today to get your no obligation price quote. [/accordion][accordion title=”Still Have A Question” is_open=”no”]
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    [column width=”four” position=”first”][feat_text title=”Cost Factors” icon=”legal” type=”3″ href=””]Business requirements, target devices, OS versions, demography, app features, local or Cloud backend, and level of quality assurance are just a few of the many factors that impact project cost.[/feat_text][/column]

    [column width=”four” position=””][feat_text title=”we know what works” icon=”money” type=”3″ href=””]Mobile app development is costly, slow, and frustrating. VezTek USA has successfully completed over 500 mobility projects: we know what works.[/feat_text][/column]

    [column width=”four” position=””][feat_text title=”mobile strategy” icon=”level-up” type=”3″ href=””]Building a mobile app is not a mobile strategy. Lack of mobile strategy is a formula for disaster. VezTek USA helps start ups and established business define their mobile strategy and draw strategic roadmaps.[/feat_text][/column]

    [column width=”four” position=”last”][feat_text title=”Continuing costs” icon=”lifebuoy” type=”3″ href=””]Don’t think that mobile app design and development is a one-time cost process as normally entrepreneurs update their app at least twice after development.[/feat_text][/column]