How to get your mobile app funded

Global revenues from mobile apps exceeded to $30 billion this year that made mobile app development business more massive than ever. This potentially commercial & electrifying industry of designing, creating & marketing of mobile applications is getting attention of corporations, businesses & startups. Depending on the nature of app functions the cost of mobile app development varies from $4,000 to $150,000 and so on. So, how to take over the biggest challenge of getting enough funding for your killer mobile app idea? Here are some ways to fund your mobile application idea.

Social funding:

Your social circle must be your first avenue if you want trustworthy funding for your app. Apply for personal bank loans with a MVP or complete app documentation. Discuss your idea with your family & friends for personal funds. Post ads on local classified websites for a development or investment partner. Search on Google for joint venture companies that invest in apps. For instance, The App Fund by VezTek USA is designed to expand early stage investments into targeted US startups in the mobile and web technologies sector. The program accomplishes this goal by investing monetary and non monetary resources into high potential startups. As a tip don’t forget to get an NDA signed before disclosing your app idea or plans.

Crowd Funding Platforms:

There are quite a lot of new and exclusive ways to acquire capital. If you have technical skills and want to finance a part of your app, crowd funding platforms are the right place for you. Crowd funding companies might support your app idea & help raise capital to build your mobile app. With a disadvantage of having to unveil your plans you can get potential investors by using this source. It’s a plus if you already have a published app.


It’s really helpful for you if you are a U.S resident. According to their slogan they are the new way to fund a creative project. If you don’t want to give any ownership of your work to your investors you can use Kickstarter.


AppBackr is entirely different plat form as compared to KickStarter or any other funding market. Depending upon the funds needed for your app and its development stage you can get capital for you mobile app. Their payment structure is bit complex but it works well with iOS apps exclusively.


it’s pretty similar with kickstarter for many services. The main difference is that it allows you to choose two different funding methods; Flexible & Fixed funding. Like KickStarter you have 100% ownership of your app idea. By using flexible funding and perks to motivate people on indiegogo you can get desired funds for your mobile application development project.

We are sure that it will be easy to choose the group of better fit options for your app project. Get desired Funding may be the first milestone, but start thinking about the marketing strategy from day one. Getting commercial feedback as early as possible is without doubt about a crucial step in planning your mobile venture! As one of the experienced mobile app development companies in Los Angeles VezTek USA always strives to provide you with latest information about on mobile app development industry. Please contact us to discuss with an expert to the financing options might work for you.

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