What Makes for a More Successful Business App?

If you open up your smartphone and check out the app store, you’ll find hundreds of apps to buy, download, and install. It’s become a norm of today’s society to check one’s phone for anything and everything under the sun, whether it’s ordering a pizza or asking for directions to get from point A to point B. As a business owner, the importance of having your own app cannot be overemphasized. But before you start hiring developers and looking into app creation, you should know what to look for in a successful business app. Here are four ideas to make the process easier.

Easy to Navigate

Consumers prefer to use and stick with apps that have an easy navigation system. They don’t want tabs and pages covering the screen and branching with new sub-tabs and sub-pages. A clean and minimalistic app looks less overwhelming and is more user-friendly to consumers. Have your interface divided into two or three areas – the header, the navigation panel, and the footer. Invest in crafting a user interface that even toddlers can understand and use.

Don’t get a one and done mobile solution from just anywhere. Be sure it’s something you can customize and update as needed. This way you can be sure your products are viewable, look good, and don’t feel out of place. You also have more control to size and refit screens to a mobile layout. Be sure you update as need so the app matches the website, coupons, and other features your customers might come to expect. This way you get a mobile version of your site that doesn’t match or that looks outdated in comparison. This is also where having a third party manage your mobile can come in handy, as they can keep up to date while you manage the products or overall website design.

Looks and Feels Official

An app that looks official and not a rip-off page of your brand is bound to attract downloads. Take doTERRA’s app as an example. The brand is active in social media and uses their content as a technique to boost the app’s value. They use real information and tidbits about doTERRA products to make it an interactive experience. Strive to make your app’s interface look and feel professional by using a solid combination of colors and background images. Make sure your app looks like your other brand material and has a very visible, professional look and feel to it. This way you can keep your brand attracting new customers, and keep things uniform across your outlets.

Solves a Problem

Your app needs to havespecific and necessary features that can get tasks done. Identify a problem that your customers will have, and then solve it by adding the necessary elements and features. For instance, add a shopping cart feature and a way for customers to input discount codes before checkout. Without a way for your customers to input those codes and get their discounts, they’ll most likely stick with your business’ webpage or, worse, go to a competitor. Be sure to add on any things you already incorporate into your online sales or even in-store sales. Uniformity here can keep your customers happy, rather than annoyed each check out process is different.

Isn’t Buggy

While no app or software program is completely free of bugs, you should invest in a good developer team and tools to build and design an application that runs with minimal errors. Aim to keep your app online and running as much as possible. If your app is going offline for repairs and maintenance frequently, it can lead to a drop in user downloads. Be sure you have it assessed every month for bugs or hacks and correct problems as they arise. Having your company in charge of IT problems like these will keep you in charge of your app.

A successful business app isn’t born overnight. Take the time to build a clear idea of what your business app should look like and do, and then consult experts to help you turn that idea into a good product. Be sure to use these tips and more as you get started and don’t forget to listen to valuable advice from the experts. Making apps isn’t as easy as it may seem. Really customizing and putting out a good product your customers use is all about keeping on top of what you have and updating as your store does.


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