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Professional Mobile app prototyping Services

App Experts Choose a ‘App Prototype First’ Approach to ensure 100% Success in Development


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A prototype is a visual interactive simulation of a mobile application that enables app-startup founders to show and test the main app features in the leanest i.e. involving the least time and cost way possible. App prototypes serve one or more of the following purposes:

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App prototypes can have any level of fidelity; but designing successful digital experience calls for making prototypes of app interface. A prototype that can effectively exhibit the functionality of the entire application positively impacts every stage of an app’s product life cycle. A well done app prototype unravels the entire project in front of the app founders, investors, development team and other stakeholders. Anecdotal evidence indicates that top mobile app development companies prefer to start with prototyping their mobile applications first instead of rushing into app development. VezTek product managers believe in app prototyping so strongly that they require most app development projects to start with prototype development — AND they offer app prototyping as a complimentary service.



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Successful App-Startups Prototype

Entrepreneurs in general and app-startups founders in particular tend to be a fast moving bunch. They don’t like anything slowing them down or any step they deem unnecessary getting in their way. With that, we often hear statements like my app is pretty straight forward then why prototype. Or mobile app development is ‘quick, easy, and cheap’ so why prototype. The reality is that while one day mobile apps are destined to get bigger even than the internet – and as easy as creating a website in wordpress that day hasn’t arrived yet. For now, mobile app development is a far more complex, expensive and involved undertaking than developing a website with similar size and features.


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Prototype as Discovery Tool:

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Mobile app prototypes move app project teams from conceptual idea to tangible products! Creating a powerful user experience requires designing and redesigning of a mobile app and exhaustive user testing sessions; an interactive prototype enables focus group users to get a realistic look and feel of the application – and provide a valuable feedback – before any time or money is spent on writing the first line of code.
Interactive prototypes help refine different scenarios and use cases that enable both developers and end users to get a deeper understanding of the application. A common problem easily caught in time through prototyping is when two or more parts of the user experience don’t work well together.

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Prototype for Better Project Management:

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Forbes magazine reports that 25 percent of technology projects fail outright; 20 to 25 percent don’t show any return on investment; and as much as 50 percent need massive reworking by the time they’re finished. The number one reason for this massive failure rate is poor or no defined outcome. A primary benefit of mobile apps prototyping is to ascertain and address early on any user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) flaws.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

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Prototype to Ensure ROI:

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App Prototypes involve little or no coding; for that one reason alone it’s fairly inexpensive to start app development projects with prototyping before going all in. Low cost and high ROI means app inventors can produce numerous prototypes to ensure that the end product would produce optimum value for both users and investors.
Check out these amazing success stories of app startups that used app prototyping as a value proposition instead of an additional price tag.

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Prototype for Market Validation

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A well known fact among mobility experts is that It’s far less expensive to rectify problems in the beginning stages of development rather than farther along the software development life cycle (SDLC). App prototypes allow for a closer examination and evaluation of the final deliverable. This knowledge would provide the basis for app rollout and marketing efforts; as well as help identify an effective user acquisition strategy. Creating a digital product that results in deep customer engagement is a difficult task to accomplish. It’s somewhat easier to test the usability of an app; but then how would you know if there’d be a demand for it? App prototyping helps validate the product to market fit.
A recent consumer behavior study done at Harvard shows that 70% app users deleted a newly downloaded app after four weeks. Your whole app idea is in jeopardy if you don’t spotlight the value of providing continued value from day one. App prototyping not only affirms your app idea in terms of the right market fit but also enables you to provide your users with the best possible user experience.

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Prototype for Quality Assurance:

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Using a robust prototyping tool is a widely recognized approach among the experts to get an app up and running smoothly and quickly. Not only do they help reduce the risk of defects from initiation, but prototyping tools also reduce the overall app development time. App prototyping makes it possible to quickly test innovative ideas as well as to get all team members on the same page; that leads to quick identification of loopholes and shorter development time. Even awards winning mobile app developers would be lost if they didn’t fully understand an app’s core idea as well as the UI/UX specifications. No wonder, many authority app development firms perceive an interactive prototype as a valuable reference artifact that allows them to create and deliver mobile apps consistent with client’s’ vision.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

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Prototype for Fund Raising:

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An app startup must take their product idea beyond theory in order to achieve buy-in from both internal and external stakeholders. A prototype must effectively demonstrate to the client the amount of effort being put into the project. A prototype provides stakeholders and potential investors with a tangible product that establishes the viability and potential profitability of their investment.
Demonstrating an interactive mobile app requires a little help from app prototyping so the founders can convey the purpose and functionality of their proposed app without having to write a single line of code. Having an interactive prototype is essentially required in the fundraising game to attract potential investors. App Prototyping also allows for a “dry-run” test on your primary investors to double-quick your funding raising for future investors.
A compelling prototype, regardless the nature of a mobile app idea, can help attract investors in order to achieve a startup’s funding goals.


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Success App Prototyping Casestudies


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[feat_text title=”FRONTBACK” icon=”money” type=”3″ href=””]

Frontback social photo sharing app enables its users to capture multiple sides of the same story at once by Combining a smartphone’s front and back cameras. What a simple concept that produced tremendous success for the startup! Frontback started out with a simple prototype that later turned into an amazing app. The story of Frontback is a tale of how a compelling prototype can bring fortune for a mobile app startup.   

A “prototype first approach” allowed this amazing app to translate its core idea into an app that’s both fun and easy to use at the same time. Frédéric della Faille took only one month to develop and launch an app prototype that not only raised nearly $4 million from a team of star investors but also achieved 200,000 downloads in a month. Over the next two years following the launch, Frontback acquired 3 million more downloads and 2 million users.



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[feat_text title=”Flappy Bird” icon=”money” type=”3″ href=””]

Flappy Bird is a mobile game developed by a Vietnamese video game artist and programmer Dong Nguyen. The game is a side-scroller where the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them. The story of Flappy Bird is a demonstration of the power of prototyping. The app was developed in Unity within one week without any major coding. The app idea was fairly basic; but the simplicity of its design and game play rocketed the app to the top of all major app stores in a few days. According to Mashable the app became a global marvel and 146th most popular Family app in App Stores within 28 days. [/feat_text]




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According to Statista.com, about 25% of downloaded mobile apps are used only once by mobile users in six months.

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About 59% of apps do not generate enough money to break even on their investment, according to an Annual Developer survey conducted by App Promo.

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71% of users are unwilling to have unstable apps in their phones and will delete them, according to a recent Compuware survey.

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Success rate is 55% more if you use Digital Prototyping is used instead of Paper Prototyping

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App Prototyping can improve user return to app up to 88% who will be less likely to return.

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Gartner predicts that by end of 2017 the demand for mobile apps will outpace app development capability by five to one which make app prototyping the main element of app development cycle.

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According to an article in Wired a digitally built prototype of an app idea have 90% more chances of success than an app with no prototype.

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According to Juan Ramon Zarco, investment pitches with a prototype get funding by the venture capital teams 87% more than a pitch without it.

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As per a study done by Ideator without prototype its 67% more difficult to plead with investors on a specific project’s worth.




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Good Prototypes Make Great Apps!

Many app founders and developers have their unique methods, some secret sauce – if you will, to increase the odds in the favor of their mobile app ventures. Most successful app founders agree that app prototyping is one of the most effective strategies to create powerful apps. Building a compelling prototype is an essential tool in the app fundraising process. This technique is widely used as a proven tool of success in application development industry. Mobile app startups and brands routinely call upon Veztek’s seasoned developers who are specially trained in app prototype development. The Huffington Post rated No.1 mobility experts at VezTek are credited with taking many award winning mobile apps from idea to app stores.

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