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[heading centered=”no” margin_bottom=”yes” large=”no” background=”yes”]Mobile Apps Reseller Program[/heading]
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Partner with us & build a new revenue stream for your business!
Contact Us for more details
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[heading centered=”no” margin_bottom=”yes” large=”no” background=”yes”]Best Mobile Apps Reseller & Partnership Opportunities in USA[/heading]
Now you can begin reaping the benefits of offering your customers websites and smartphone apps as private label solutions.
We handle all aspects of design, development, and hosting of websites and smartphone apps. Allowing you to create a web and apps development business with zero technology cost. We become your invisible technology partner, your name is the only name your customers see on your products and marketing materials allowing you to set your own prices and determine your own margins.

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[heading centered=”no” margin_bottom=”yes” large=”no” background=”yes”]FAQs[/heading]
[accordion title=”How to get started?” is_open=”no”]To get started please,
Contact us at +1-213-330-3372 or with Partner Request form. We will contact you with in 24 hours.
[accordion title=”What’s in It for You?” is_open=”no”]Promotional Prices – Get up to 25% discount on additional and promotional services.

Bulk Buy Discounts – Our 15% bulk buy discount is a prepaid service for websites and apps resellers. For example, if your sales forecast anticipates large number of orders for same type of websites or smartphone app; you can buy in advance and save even more. We’ll build your prepaid websites and apps as order continue to come in.

Website and apps reseller prices – 10% discount on our every day low prices.Private Label Products – our private label websites and apps reseller program allows you full control over your business. You can markup our private label service to any price point as you see fit. Some of our website and apps resellers are known to charge as much as 300% markup.
Grow your Business – Our websites and smartphone apps reseller program allows you to grow your business and expand your client base without having to deal with nitty-gritty of websites and apps development.[/accordion][accordion title=”How Does It Work?” is_open=”no”]You offer our services to your clients as if those were your own services. You Pick and choose which services you like to offer from our portfolio services which include design and development of websites, smartphone apps, maintenance, and technology consulting services.
We will silently provide all of our services at a discounted price to enable you to resell quality products and services and increase revenues. Our services will de discrete to your clients, should you prefer so.
Once you close a sale, you’ll ask your client few basic questions about their project and send us their requirements. We’ will get back to you within one day with a firm quote.[/accordion][accordion title=”Who is a good fit for this program?” is_open=”no”]Our private label reseller program is ideal for anyone who would like to add expert websites and smartphone apps development to their existing portfolio of services. Our experience shows that our best resellers fit the following profile.
Have a mobile apps or web development company and don’t have the expertise or resources for new projects
Marketing and Media firms who do not have expertise or the time for web and smartphone apps projects
Web hosting companies looking add web and apps development to their client offering
Online directories looking to add revenue
Freelance programmer that doesn’t have the design experience
Freelance designer that doesn’t have programming experience[/accordion][accordion title=”Roles & Responsibilities” is_open=”no”]
Find and sell to Clients – there are no required minimums here, but the more customers you reach, the more revenue you can produce.
Client Communication – this involves collecting clients’ requirements, providing periodic status reports to the clients during the life of the project, handling any questions from the client or from our development tam, as well as with any rollout steps necessary to satisfactorily help customers experience a successful deployment.
Manage billing and collection – Our billing relationship will be with you, so you’ll need to handle all aspects of billing and collection with your clients.
Response Time – We can provide you or your customers with Free Website Design Demos within 2 days. We guarantee same day response on all requests most of the time.
Our Relationship with Your Clients – Typically our business relationship is with you only, while you deal with your clients. In most cases your clients won’t even know that we exist. However, we can interact with your clients as an agent of your company if necessary


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[column width=”four” position=”first”][feat_text title=”Fairness and Respect” icon=”legal” type=”3″ href=””]Professional integrity and a deep respect for affiliates are the core features of our affiliate program.[/feat_text][/column]

[column width=”four” position=””][feat_text title=”On Time Payments” icon=”money” type=”3″ href=””]We hate to let our affiliates wait for their earned commissions. We know you are advertising on our behalf and we always try to pay you as soon as possible[/feat_text][/column]

[column width=”four” position=””][feat_text title=”High commission” icon=”level-up” type=”3″ href=””]We give even higher bonuses for exceptional working if number of leads crosses your given target.[/feat_text][/column]

[column width=”four” position=”last”][feat_text title=”Prompt Support” icon=”lifebuoy” type=”3″ href=””]Veztek USA will assist you in finding content for ads, immediate sale reports and above all our team of experts will always be there for a quick response to your questions.[/feat_text][/column]