Why Your Mobile Campaign isn’t Gaining You New Customers

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing strategies. It brings customers who are more ready and willing to purchase products to your virtual or physical store. The problem is, a mobile marketing campaign may fail to acquire the amount of customers you might like. Let’s examine some avoidable reasons for why your mobile marketing campaign may be bringing fewer customers than you first predicted.

You Lack Direct and Simple Calls to Action
The major advantage of mobile users is the fact that they are more willing to jump at a good opportunity. The more steps you make them go through to see that opportunity, the less likely they are to convert. If your calls to action aren’t straightforward, then consider making them more direct. Make only one other page link to jump to before purchasing, rather than four or five.

You Failed to Set Realistic Metrics

Success is something you have to measure. If you fail to set metrics besides “I want to see more customers”, then you will have an extremely difficult time measuring your success and improving upon your current campaigns.
The best way to create a metric for a new mobile marketing campaign is to take your current growth rate for mobile users. You can then measure it against the results of your campaigns, and then you can begin testing for the effects of changes to your campaigns.

Your QR Codes Aren’t Valuable
A QR code is something designed to expand the functionality of your mobile campaign. It enables mobile users to sign up for a promotion, to find more information on a product, or to do something else that would require a long list of steps.
If your QR codes aren’t providing value to your customers, then you may have located a point of failure within your mobile marketing campaign. See if pros like Compusmart Solutions can offer some advice or solutions to why you might be lagging in this area.

You Didn’t Focus on Word of Mouth
Social media and mobile marketing are two closely related fields. Word-of-mouth advertisements from your most satisfied customers on social media can enable your mobile marketing campaigns to achieve greater results than they would independently.
Consider integrating your mobile campaigns with your social media efforts. An app development company or web design company can help facilitate this, as they know how to enable customers to spread information about your products and company.

The most important thing to remember is that no mobile marketing campaign lasts forever. You must constantly retool and refocus your efforts to ensure you can maximize the return on your mobile campaigns.


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