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Start a social network with us

Social networking platforms are one of the best ways to build a direct line of communication with customers. In fact, your own social network is the only way to acquire a first hand knowledge of customer behavior patterns and feedback. VezTek developers create social networking portals for brands that enable companies to build communities of brand loyal customer and prospects.
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  • Social Connection website
  • Multimedia Sharing social network
  • Network of Professionals
  • Online Education network

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[column width=”1/3″ position=”first”][iconed_featured_text title=”User-driven Social Network” icon=”heart” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]We never recommend building a social network based mostly on content provided by the business. We develop social networking platforms that encourage user participation to facilitate the flow of content generated from diverse individuals.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=””][iconed_featured_text title=”Advanced Content Management” icon=”users” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]Without a well defined content management system a network is an empty space. That’s why Veztek USA makes a social network that set the direction of user generated content in a gainful way.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=”last”][iconed_featured_text title=”User Dashboards & Profiles” icon=”trophy” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]Our easy to use dash board and lot of profile editing options make your social network more thrilling and dynamic for users.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=”first”][iconed_featured_text title=”User Rating System” icon=”thumbsup” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]Our social network will provide you with a complete rating system so that you can indentify your rock star contributor’s automatically from a diverse crowd of folks registered on your network.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=””][iconed_featured_text title=”Mobile-friendly navigation” icon=”flag” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]Veztek USA is specialized in providing mobile app services to its valuable clients from last ten years that’s why our team knows the catchy requirements that eventually make a website 100% mobile friendly.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=”last”][iconed_featured_text title=”Moderation control” icon=”globe” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]Assigning privilege in terms of using a network is a key element to make a social network successful. We address this issue with all its major or minute details and setup a moderation system that facilitate website network administrator.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=”first”][iconed_featured_text title=”Quality Assurance” icon=”camera” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]Our QA team makes sure you get the best available quality.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=””][iconed_featured_text title=”Outstanding Success Rate” icon=”leaf” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]More than 70% of our clients are repeat customers that come to expand their investment.[/iconed_featured_text][/column]

[column width=”1/3″ position=”last”][iconed_featured_text title=”Anti-spam features” icon=”gauge” icon_solid=”no” icon_color=”blue” href=””]Spamming is a big issue for social websites. Veztek knows all the precautions that must be adopted while making a social network entirely free from spam and posting of unwanted promotional ads. [/iconed_featured_text][/column]


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[column width=”eight” position=”first”][accordion title=”Does your business really need a responsive website?” is_open=”yes”]If you want to bring in more traffic to your website and improve the advertising and sales, then yes a Responsive website can be an extra advantage for your business. Research from Harvard Business School showed that on average Americans spend 410 minutes shopping on their mobiles, around 12 per cent of their total time. Shopping on smartphone and tablet has increased by 18 per cent in the past year alone. Then why stick to a desktop website only? Make it easier for the customers to check your products and services right from their mobile phones.[/accordion][accordion title=”How much does it cost to develop a responsive website?” is_open=”no”]Today, it has become very affordable to develop a mobile-friendly website. In fact, most of the web designers work with a responsive site design, so that it can easily fit in with the current mobile trend. It does not cost you a lot if you already have a website. But under some circumstances, it is always better to create a new one which can cost you around $1500 as mobile websites take longer than the normal websites and goes through a lot of testing. The cost depends on what kind of business you run too (from a basic function mobile website to a fully functional online store)[/accordion][accordion title=”Why VeztekUSA?” is_open=”no”]We’ll meet or beat any comparable quotes. Over 500 apps and games in the app stores. We partner with our clients for success[/accordion]


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[bar_graph title=”App Marketing” percent=”78″ color=”orange”][/bar_graph]





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[heading centered=”yes” margin_bottom=”no” large=”no”]We let Our Clients Speak for Us[/heading]

[image_featured_text_holder] [image_featured_text_holder_row] [image_featured_text image_url=”” author=”Alfred M.” position=”President, Mann Consulting”]The fact I like the most is that while I was dealing with only one contact person, I had access to their same online project management tool that their development team was using. Thanks to this transparent and collaborative effort; we finished the project without too many sleepless nights. [/image_featured_text] [image_featured_text image_url=”” author=”Amanda B.” position=”President, A&B Designs”]When I set out to have my 5 years old business website revamped, quality more than money was my top priority. They helped me start thinking my website from ROI perspective: Great experience from 0 to launch. Two thumbs up. [/image_featured_text] [/image_featured_text_holder_row] [image_featured_text_holder_row] [image_featured_text image_url=”” author=”Anne L.” position=”President & CEO, Blue Bird Advertising LLC”]This is not the cheapest mobile apps company out there; but they are worth every penny. I don’t know first thing about computer programming; if it wasn’t for them I would have never turned my app idea into reality. Thanks guys. [/image_featured_text] [image_featured_text image_url=”” author=”Ted S.” position=”Managing Partner, Chello Group”]They are highly knowledgeable IT and business experts. I had a great experience from the planning through the launch phase. Most importantly, The project was finished within my time, cost, and budget constraints. [/image_featured_text] [/image_featured_text_holder_row] [/image_featured_text_holder] [/row_container]


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[clients_section heading=”Partners & Clients” subheading=”One is known by the company one keeps” text=”Businesses from established corporations to start-ups choose VezTek USA for their mobile and web technology; and online marketing needs. Companies also augment their internal technology teams with our dedicated resources to minimize their investment in staff and infrastructure.”] [logo img_url=”” text=”Better Business Bureau”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”Business Consumer Alliance”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”National Business Aviation Association”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”CANON”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”WB Inc”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”Oakwood Worldwide”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”TOYOTA”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”Kaiser Permanente”][/logo] [logo img_url=”” text=”Direct TV”][/logo] [/clients_section]