Tactics to Double Your Social Media Followers

The incredible rise of social media has transformed this booming part of the digital realm into a potent marketing tool. An engaged following is a foundation upon which one can establish a strong online presence and boost the visibility. But, making an impact with your messages is not a walk in the digital park. You have to find out what works in terms of gaining a massive following. This is not just some vanity metric, as building a social media audience increases sales, spreads brand awareness and expands the exposure.

In new light

Consistency is the guiding light that will get you through the digital jungle. Abandoning or changing the strategy after a couple of weeks is not a way to go, even in conditions of limited time and resources.   To carry out successful social media campaigns, you first need to get to know your audience. It does not matter what you think they want. It takes a proper research to find out what their real needs are. Use analytic tools to monitor their online habits like types of posts and content that they consume the most.

A winning streak

The number of followers depends on how often your content gets published.  Users expect a streak of stunning photos, quotes, videos, and other content. That is why finding influencers in your niche is an essential step. Use tools like Buzzsumo to track and share their engaging content, or at least to like and comment on it. This is only the start because in due time you will have to offer your own, organic posts. People crave for solutions to their problems, expert opinions, humorous stories, deep insights and new takes on popular topics.

Million little pieces

Posting great content with the viral potential is one, albeit a crucial piece of the social media puzzle. Apart from that, you also need to be responsive to comments, complaints and questions. More and more businesses are using social platforms as customer service tools, and process an incredible amount of feedback. React to the customers’ input in a timely fashion, and this will signal others that you are to be relied upon and trusted. A good reputation spreads like wildfire and attracts many new followers.

“Eco-friendly “

To reap all the benefits of social media, try to harness the potential of the whole digital ecosystem surrounding it. Direct your email subscribers to social media accounts and encourage them to follow you. Put visible signs on your website to move internet traffic towards social media accounts. One of the ways to pull this off is linking to them on the Contact or About Us pages. Finally, integrate your blog with the social network accounts by including a social share button.

And the winner is…

Holding a contest or a giveaway is a great way to spark attention, and encourage followers to submit their own content. Everyone likes winning or getting stuff for free, and it does not have to be something that costs an arm and a leg. Offer gift cards, cool gadgets, clothing, and items that bear the corporate insignia. Sometimes a requirement may be fulfilled by liking your page or following a Twitter account, which also spurs good results in terms of widening your reach. In any case, keeping the contest brand-related ensures the best ROI.

An army stands ready

To amplify your online presence, your strategies must be consistent, practiced over the long haul, and properly targeted.  Do your homework, and identify the most popular posts in your niche. Be active and engaging, stay responsive, give stuff away, and streamline advertising. Do not forgo content quality for the sake of quantity and find a fine balance between them. There is no better way to attract a wide audience across your social media accounts and have a real army watching your every post.

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