10 AI Apps to Try this 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most advanced technologies humans have ever created. It has done many wonders in our life, from the health sector, growing a business, and even on our everyday activities.

Most machines, software, programs, and apps we use are integrated with AI. Its purpose is to simplify the task, increase productivity, and perform with accuracy.

Businesses that integrated AI in their company have a better chance of growing their sales as compared to those who haven’t. There are many ways AI can grow a business and increase sales. Even in the field of medicine, AI has benefits too.

The apps and software we have in our mobile devices, laptops, and computer are also integrated with AI.

If you like using apps and programs with AI, here are some AI apps to try this 2020.



Cortana is an artificial intelligence application created by Microsoft. It was launched in 2014 for Windows 8.1 phone, and then it has been integrated in Windows 10 mobile, PCs, and Xbox One. Now, it’s available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free.

Cortana is more than your voice recognition application. It lets you sync your smartphone to your personal computer, set reminders, record crucial data, send emails, search on the internet, and a lot more. It’s the perfect AI app you can use to help you simplify your daily tasks.

Moreover, Cortana will learn over time and start to work on more complex tasks. Its personalized recommendations are derived from natural language processors, Bing search engines, and data from your device.

You can download Cortana for free on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Google Assistant

Since Google’s release of Google Assistance in 2016, it has now 500 million active users globally. It doesn’t come in surprise as we know that Google can be found in one billion devices.

Google Assistant is an AI-enabled application that assists its users virtually. It both supports voice and text commands, uses natural language processing, and translates in real-time. In addition, you can use Google Assistant in the same way as Cortana. It can follow voice commands, conduct voice searches, perform simple tasks like sending a reminder, setting appointments, and more.

You can install Google Assistant for free on your Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. For Android and iOS devices, you can download it for free at Google Play Store and Apple Store, respectively.


AI doesn’t only assist in daily activities. It’s also integrated on learning apps like the well-known ELSA (English Learning Speech Assistance).

If you want to learn or enhance your English skills, you should try ELSA, an AI-enabled learning app. You can learn to pronounce well, track your mistakes to learn from it, enjoy 1200+ lessons, and more. Its voice recognition technology will allow you to learn to speak in English.

It also provides a progress report, daily practices, and common English idioms. It’s an AI-powered app that acts as a digital English tutor.

The application is free to download at Google Play and Apple Store.


Hound is an AI-integrated application that works like Google Voice Search, but the best part is that you don’t have to tap the screen at all. It’s a hands-free application. By saying “OK Hound,” you can start using the app and watch it perform a wide range of activities for you.

You can start searching for keywords on the internet, book a ride with Uber, check the weather or weather forecast, locate the nearest restaurant, and a lot more. You can also listen to your playlist or favorite music using the SoundHound.

It uses Speech-to-meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies that would impress you like no other AI-enabled apps. Hound is trusted by large enterprises like Hyundai, Motorola, and Mercedes-Benz.

Get the app for free on your Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Youper is like an AI therapist you can carry yourself anywhere. It’s an app that can take control of your emotional health. It provides guided and personalized meditations and keeps your health record, fitness, and workout schedules.

You can also communicate daily with their AI-powered chat, track your mood, balance your mind, and more. It is one of the most suggested apps to cope with Coronavirus stress.

You can download the app for free at Google Play Store or Apple Store.


If you are looking for an app that can manage all your expenses, track continuously, and take care of tedious work, Fyle is the app you need.

Fyle is an AI-powered app that can track your mileage, receipts, expenses, and even create a report for your travel and expenses. There are real-time data extraction, policy checks, analytics, and more. In addition, you can take pictures of your receipts, and it will automatically get the information from it.

It is an ideal app for small businesses, accounting organizations, and those who work balancing spreadsheets. Plus, it can now be integrated into Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

Try the app on your desktop or any of your devices (Android and iOS) for free.

Food Mama AI

It is an AI app that focuses on food. Now, what or how can AI be able to work on food apps? Food Mama works as a smart camera app while utilizing deep learning to track the nutrition from food images.

The app will use food photos and provide the user with the nutritional values of the meal. The deep learning technology of the app can recognize the food item. In addition, the app is trained to recognize different cuisines all over the world, making it the most diverse food identification app in the market.

It has a comprehensive database. That’s why it can provide detailed nutritional information.

Download the app for free for your Android or iOS device.


It’s an app that can be your best friend. Replika is a popular and advanced AI app that can have a conversation with humans. It was first developed for iPhone users, but now even Android users can enjoy this app. You get to create your best friend and talk to them. The conversations don’t seem to be automated. It often leans towards the user’s preferences.

Get to make your best friend and talk to them like in real-life. In addition, it can take notes, save them, and track them easily.


If ELSA is all about learning English, Socratic is designed to help you with your homework. You can take pictures of your assignment, and the AI capabilities will give a visual explanation to the user.

Furthermore, it uses text and speech recognition, and you can get help on any subjects that you want. You can download the app for free for your iOS and Android device. Join over 5 million people who download the app and enjoy learning.


Tetra is an AI-powered app you can use to help you take down notes while in a call/meeting. It’s simple to use. Add or invite Tetra into your upcoming call scheduled on your calendar, and it will call you before it starts. After accepting the call, Tetra can now start transcribing.

You can easily search your notes by typing the phrase or word from your conversation, share the notes to your team, export it to any app like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs, or email, and it is secured. You can try Tetra for free. Their paid plans start at $100 a month for 3 hours of transcription.


Artificial Intelligence offers a lot of ways to lighten the workload, fast track the process, and more. It creates an uncomplicated manner to handle business matters or even personal tasks. AI brings a whole new look into the modern technological world, and if you don’t believe it, you can try one of the apps mentioned above.

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