Technology Tricks for Perking Up a Tired Company

Technology Tricks for Perking Up a Tired Company

Technology is changing rapidly. While business shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon and buy every new piece of technology that enters the market, there are some you should seriously consider. New technologies can breathe new life into a tired and lifeless company, making it more energetic and updated with the competition. Take a look at some of these and see if they can help to improve your image and overall daily operations.

Using Financial Management Software
Don’t stick with a bank rooted in the 18th century. Find one that works with your accounting software and makes your life easier. Monitor your inventory purchases, cash flow, your payroll, receivables, and your vendors using one comprehensive application. One outstanding way to save money is to use an online check stub creator like create company branded checks on your own. You can cut out the middle man and save a ton of money when you know where to invest.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

This software is designed to give you more information about your customers. Untapped business opportunities are often just a phone call away, but you need the background information and data to make that call successful. Insights can inform you on the best sales and marketing practices, and it can help you find areas where you can improve your customer service and support.

Get in on the Cloud

Every business has heard about cloud technology, but hearing about it and implementing it, are two very different things. Cloud computing makes it possible to store your applications or non-essential data on an external server. This makes more room on your local computers to store information that’s needed immediately. It can even help with file sharing, virtual meetings, website hosting, and banking.

Get Better Teleconferencing
Invest in new technologies that allow you to take advantage of internet conferencing. This can include any combination of cameras and audio that are combined with online meeting spaces. Teleconferencing can build a better relationship between customers and your employees, which can help you acquire new business and get more done in the office. This could even help with remote operations making your business work better from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Marketing
Another great use of modern technology is the advent of mobile marketing. You’ve got a website, but why not bring your company to your customers? By creating a mobile app your customers can download to their smartphones, you’re bringing your business to them. If a customer downloads an app version of your website, they are more likely to visit you in the future.

Don’t settle for outdated technologies that only serve to make your business inefficient. Stay updated on the latest technologies, and make sure you provide your customers with a fresh and updated company culture.

social media marketing for apps

Tips for Giving Your App a Push on Social Media

Creating an app that goes viral is one of the highest achievements any app designer can get. A viral app is one internet users snatch up as quickly as possible. They talk about it on social media, encourage their friends to download it, and get it attention on and offline. Software and app developers in Utah realize having an app go viral is more powerful than any paid advertising could ever be. People won’t necessarily trust developers or the ads that clutter up their computer screen, but do trust their friends when they say a particular app is worth looking at. The following are some ways to make your app go viral on social media.

Make it Easy to Use
The best applications are so easy to use, the user does not notice the design. A good design will have a natural flow and be quickly accessed which allows users to immerse themselves in the experience, without being distracted by the mechanics of making the app work. A good app, especially if it is a game will get the user totally lost in it.
Your app must be obstacle free and allow users to sign into social media with one click, share the app with their friends on the very first screen, and prioritize the action that is on the screen. It should be simple for users to share information on multiple social media platforms, and post on multiple websites with just one touch. The simplicity of use will encourage more sharing.

Reward Users for Sharing
When we are rewarded for an action, we are likely to repeat it, and this trick is proven on everyone from dogs to little kids. Develop your app to giveusers a gift, be it additional storage space, points that can be used to buy expensive items within the app, or access to exclusive content in return for inviting others to use the app.
In addition to rewarding the user, reward the friend who accepts it. This creates a win-win situation where both the giver and the receiver are happy they have downloaded your app.

Be Upfront with Your Users
Protecting a person’s privacy and creating an app that goes viral are on two opposite ends of the development spectrum. Transparency is key. Your app should let users know what they are sharing, and it should let them control what they want to share, and what they do not want to share. Remind users that your app will not automatically post to their social media accounts, and that it will not pester their friends to download it. Provide secure and simple agreements that can be signed at the click of a button.

When an app goes viral, it takes on a life of its own. But like any life form, it needs to be continually fed if it is going to keep living. Give your users a reason to keep using it and keep that momentum going.


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