6 Ways to Use Mobile Apps & Online Resources to Effectively Improve Your Education

There is a wealth of online resources available to students, but it can be quite overwhelming to know how to best make use of them. If you are getting your Master’s degree, using online resources will make you a more effective student and maximize your potential. Here are a few of the very best online resources that will make your educational life much easier.

For doing research: Google Scholar

When it comes to doing preliminary research, nothing beats the convenience or breadth of Google Scholar. It’s a free search engine that scours most major scholarly journals. If there is a freely accessible version on the web, it links to it for you. It’s not the most in-depth way to search for material, but it is a great starting point.

For organizing your notes: OneNote

This online organizers was designed to make students’ lives easier, by allowing them to build, organize, and share notes. It will also create reminders assignment reminders, track grades, and hold your schedule all in one place.

For textbook shopping: BookFinder

One of the worst aspects of being a student is the high cost of textbooks, and the frustration of trying to find the right version. This website searches across over a hundred different online bookstores so that you don’t have to spend hours on the Internet looking for used or cheap copies of textbooks.

For building a Bibliography: OttoBib

Tracking sources and building a correct bibliography is one of most painful parts of any writing assignment. Thankfully, this website will do the hard work for you. Simply enter the ISBNs of the books you used and the titles of any works cited in a paper, and OttoBib will spit out a correctly formatted bibliography.

For collaboration: GoogleDocs

When it comes to doing teamwork, passing documents back and forth by email is frustrating and can lead to a lot of confusion. Instead, put your shared work in GoogleDocs. It will track your changes and store your work in an accessible place, so you don’t have 20 versions floating around.

Online Courses

There are so many great online courses out there for you to take advantage of. For example there are even ways for you to earn a masters in library science online. An accomplishment like that can really help you get ahead in the workplace. You really want to make sure that you are always trying to gain as much of an education as possible.

Mobile Apps

There are also a lot of mobile apps that you can use to help you improve your education. Even tools such as the camera on your phone can be extremely useful. You can use your cell phone to take pictures of important notes and PowerPoint slides that your teacher presents. You can also use the voice recorder to record your teacher’s lectures and important study sessions. (With permission from your teacher.) Some other great apps you can try out are:

  1. Scientific Calculator-You can install this app for free, providing you with the benefits of having a scientific calculator. An app like this can help save you tons of money and ace your next math class.
  2. My Study Life-Apps like this can really help you stay organized in school. You can plan out your study sessions, keep your assignments organized and stay on top of all of your work.
  1. Quizlet Mobile-Apps like this can help make studying fun! You can create your own study guide and online flashcards. This is definitely a great tool to help you prepare for your next test.
  1. Vocabulary Builder-This type of app can help you improve your English vocabulary. You can learn unique and big words, sound smart in front of your friends and impress your teachers.

The Internet puts so many invaluable resources right at your fingertips. If you use them effectively, you’ll be a better organized student, and do better work. Use the resources listed above, and the web will be one of the greatest assets of your entire education.

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