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Let's Move Your Tech. Startup From Idea to Market Fast!

When you schedule a strategy meeting with us you are paired with an experienced consultant who will evaluate your tech startup idea, and provide actionable steps on topics ranging from initial concept to earning your first dollar from your digital venture.

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Limited Time

$ 499
  • One hour one-on-one coaching
  • Digital product concept evaluation
  • Funding, monetization, & user acquisition strategy
  • Everything you need to make a go/no-go decision
  • Complete roadmap to take your startup from idea to revenue


"I was introduced with Sani by a trusted business adviser. Over the course of 4 weeks and a series of conversations, Sani and his guys took me from zero to prototype."
Rob Moore
"In my professional opinion most techn. projects fail due to ill defined process. Sani and his team certainly have their process down."
Kenneth Austin
"These guys are highly knowledgeable IT and business experts. I had a great experience from the planning through the launch phase. Most importantly, The app was built within my time, cost, and budget constraints."
Ted S
"Sani is well versed in technology and adept at providing solutions. Working with him and his team has been an outstanding experience."
Robin Fong