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Call [highlight dark=”no”]1-800-311-5670[/highlight] Today! Or complete the form below to find out if your project qualifies for The App Fund or our other investment programs.


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    [icon icon=”mobile” color=”blue” size=”large” icon_solid=”no”][/icon] What Is The App Fund!

    Established in 2011, the App Fund invests in high impact ideas across a variety of web and mobile application areas, including entertainment, social networking, location based services, advertising, communications, commerce, education, healthcare, business-to-business (B2B), and more recently, Internet-of-Things (IoT).


    [icon icon=”users” color=”blue” size=”large” icon_solid=”no”][/icon] The Driving Vision

    The App Fund enables mobile apps inventors and investors to team up for bringing revolutionary app ideas to market. The App Fund reflects the core philosophy of VezTek USA that is we partner with our clients for success. We seek partners with talent and track record in addition to a promising startup idea.



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    [icon icon=”user-add” color=”blue” size=”large” icon_solid=”no”][/icon] What’s in It for You

    The App fund invests up to 50% in exceptional web and mobile apps ideas with a potential to become the top 25 grossing titles. The App Fund doesn’t only bring money to the table; we also offer extensive expertise in the areas of monetization, retention, marketing efforts, pre and post launch operations, growth initiatives and more.

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    VezTek USA is a one stop shop for your all tech startup needs,

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